You don’t need to find a lesson in your trauma.

Cultivate your Mind, Body, and Soul

Even though depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental illness can be debilitating, real growth and healing is possible. Trust me!

By adding manageable routines into your life and swapping some old habits, you can see significant results. I teach you the skills needed to develop and transform negative thoughts, work through heavy emotions, and lay the foundation for a better mental health.

Ehsan Adib Shabahang

Why it’s important to care for your mental-health

Our mental health encompasses our psychological, emotional, and social well-being. This means our mental health impacts how we feel, think, and behave each day.

Improve Your Emotional Well-Being

When I say emotional well-being I really mean how you feel on the inside. Your emotional health is a key factor to becoming better.

Mental Health & Our Physical Health

One’s stress can affects one’s physical wellbeing and inability to take care of themselves.

End Stigma And Shame To Lead Better Lives

The Power to End Mental Health Stigma Begins with Me … Little did I know how life would change for the better years later.

Here’s My 4 Step Process For You

Learn To Love Yourself

Learn new ways to love yourself and be happy in your life. This is the first step in my work; also, a key to success.

Process Your Emotions

Learn a multistep process of acknowledging and dealing with your emotions. This can take time but its a must.

Focus On Today Not Your Past

Having a have long-range goals is good. But first I will teach you about now and how to focus on today.

Implementing New Goals

Goals big or small can be the stepping- stones to a happier life. Let’s start setting them.

Self-Improvement should not be difficult.

Start today by exploring ways you can adapt and grow.

Top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I see my dream come true?

They will only come true if you work on them. Know that this is hard work! But it is never late.

My goals seem impossible. What should I do?

Keep going! If you would like to achieve great things in your life, they have to be impossible. This will push you to grow and expand your capacity, reach out to more people to support you and/or join others.

How can I be an expert in anything?

Not in everything, but, yes. It is incredible what you can learn if you put your mind on it. Give yourself enough time and think about ways to learn something about the topic you would like to be an expert on.

Are my short-term actions aligned with my long-term goals?

Take today and make a list of some of your actions. A missed gym session? A new home-cooked recipe? A book you finished?

Look at the list and check whether today’s actions coincide with tomorrow’s goals. Personal growth is not an abstract concept but an accumulation of seemingly minor, goal-furthering deeds.

Am I taking on enough challenges?

Challenges are the backbone of personal development. If you want to grow as a person, you need to take on new missions and callings at regular intervals.

Ask yourself once a week: how many challenges — big or small — did I take on this week? If the answer is none, there might be room for improvement.

What do I fear?

Fear is an essential part of the human condition. We all have our anxieties and periods of unease. Many people are ashamed of these. However, instead of sweeping our fears under the carpet, we ought to embrace them.

By questioning what we fear, we obtain the courage to analyze those fears. This contemplation is ultimately the best way to overcome our fears and to turn them into assets.

Is there enough peace, fun, and love in my life?

Most of us are chasing some kind of dream. We all want more freedom, more money, more power, and more satisfaction. However, throughout all of our undertakings, we shouldn’t forget to slow down and enjoy the ride from time to time.

The destination isn’t worth the trouble if there’s no fun in the journey. The same goes for love and peace.

Ehsan Adib Shabahang

“Traditional education can provide you a job; but, self-education will provide you a fortune for eternity.”


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