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The Google Fi Unlimited Plan Review


Google Fi vs. Verizon Wireless: Which Is Right for You?

Google Fi combines a trio of networks into a first-class wireless service with unparalleled customer experience, though it’s not the cheapest option out there, and customers that bring their own phones will miss out on some perks.

We all are looking for the #BestCellPhonePlan that will just work. The problem that we have is that we each have our own interpretation of “perfect.” Google Fi approach to solving this problem is simply one—yes, and one—cell phone plan that will change based on the user’s changing needs and flexibility. Project Fi is flexible, and the month-to-month plan may be just the answer for customers looking for an amazing plan that works great. #Fi has a solid national network with great reception, great international coverage, and it is easy to sign up.

Google Fi plan gives you unlimited talk and text, and just as much data as you want every month. The price is depending on how much you use it, so huge data users may find better deals from more conventional carriers. 

$20 Fi credit

Google Fi’s Key Strengths

  1. Pay only for the data you use. 
  2. Intelligent network switching (on certain devices)
  3. Free VPN service for all web traffic
  4. Seamless international service

Verizon’s Key Strengths

  1. Fastest, largest LTE network in the U.S.
  2. Greater selection of phones to choose from
  3. Cheaper (depending on the plan)

Google Fi vs. Verizon: Tiered Data Plans

CarrierAmount of DataCost of DataAdditional FeesTotal Monthly Bill
Google Fi5GB$10 per gigabyte$20 for unlimited talk and text$70 (You’re credited $1 for every 100MB of unused data)
Verizon5GB$40$20 per line access fee$60 ($55 w/ auto pay enrollment)

Google Fi vs. Verizon: Unlimited Plans

Google Fi$80
Bill Protection caps bill at $80 no matter how much data you use; speeds are throttled after 15GB
Verizon Go Unlimited$75
Includes $5 credit for Auto Pay enrollment; video streaming capped at 480p; Verizon reserves right to throttle speeds if network is congested
Verizon Beyond Unlimited$85
Includes $5 credit for Auto Pay enrollment; video streams at 720p; data can be slowed after 22GB; includes 15GB of LTE hotspot data
Verizon Above Unlimited$95
Includes $5 credit for Auto Pay enrollment; video streams at 720p; data can be slowed at 75GB; includes 20GB of LTE hotspot data

To me, the most significant concern that I have been it comes to phone is not only the reliability but the easiness of using the actual phone. To me the best cell phone that is out there is not the one that is the most expensive or the one that is most specked out, let’s be honest I have never pushed my phone to the max I don’t think many average consumers also push their phone to the max. Granted, if you are a gamer or a very savvy phone user, you may find yourself at the time struggling with average phones, but I think that’s only a small percentage of us.

For most of us like me, when I look at her phone, I am looking for a reliable phone that has an excellent shape, feel the texture, and, more importantly, vibrant colors, and of course, it has to run and be free of any lacks. Given all these criteria, I believe Google pixel is genuinely the best option when it comes to affordable phones. #GooglePixel not only is excellent for gaming but it also a great companion when it comes to usability.

I have to admit pixel truly takes the best photos after. When you add Google pixel to its software, which comes directly from Google itself, you genuinely get a magical experience. Let’s be honest if I had a company I would pick the best for my product not only because it’s my product but because I want to offer the best of the best to consumers knowing every aspect of my product and how it should be used. Now we have Google, which makes the excellent harbor combining that with their software all that is left is the service provider.

Google Fi vs. Verizon: How Verizon’s Prepaid Pricing Compares

Amount of DataVerizon Prepaid CostGoogle Fi Cost
$80 (will Bill Protection)
$80 (will Bill Protection)
Carrier/PlanSingle Line Cost2 Lines Cost3 Lines Cost4 Lines Cost
Google Fi$60 for 4GB ($20 line access + $40 for 4GB)$115 for 8GB ($35 line access + $80 for 8GB)$150 for 10GB ($50 line access + $100 for 10GB)$185 for 12GB total ($65 line access + $120 for 12GB)
Verizon (Go Unlimited)$75 (with Auto Pay enabled)$130 (with Auto Pay enabled; if all users choose Go Unlimited)$150 (with autopay enabled; if all users choose Go Unlimited)$160 (with Auto Pay enabled; if all users choose Go Unlimited)
Verizon (Beyond Unlimited)$85 (with Auto Pay enabled)$160 (with Auto Pay enabled; if all users choose Beyond Unlimited)$180 (with Auto Pay enabled; if all users choose Beyond Unlimited)$200 (with Auto Pay enabled; if all users choose Beyond Unlimited)
Verizon (Prepaid; 3GB)$35 for 3GB (with Auto Pay enabled)$60 for 6GB total (with Auto Pay enabled; if all users choose 3GB)$85 for 9GB total (with Auto Pay enabled; if all users choose 3GB)$110 for 12GB total (with Auto Pay enabled; if all users choose 3GB)



Part 1 Ep 1 | 2019

Thank you guys so much for watching, I really hope you guys enjoyed the video. So…this is the special video I’ve been talking about for so long. Want to know how to grow on YouTube? Start a channel and get subscribers. This is just my #YouTubeStory and I hope you enjoy it.

7 Things to Consider When Starting a YouTube Channel

  1. What’s Your Motivation for Starting a YouTube Channel?
  2. How Frequently Will You Upload Videos to YouTube?
  3. YouTube Success Requires Substance and Style
  4. What Equipment Does a YouTuber Need?
  5. How Are You Going to Promote Your YouTube Channel?
  6. Making Money From Being a YouTuber
  7. Set Attainable Goals

The Google phone | Pixel 4


Google Pixel 4 Review: A New Way to Interact with Your Phone

In this video, I want to share with you the #Pixel4XLUnboxing a #GiftFromGoogle by #TeamPixel, and I love it. Google’s long-awaited Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are here, and there’s so much to get excited about on first-impressions, simply because of the phone look and feel. Pixel 4 features a fantastic dual-lens rear camera, a 90Hz ‘Smooth Display’ that is truly smooth. With Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB storage.

PerformanceSnapdragon 855
Camera12.2 MP + 16 MP
pixel 4 review
Published: October 21, 2019 Caption: Lynn La Photo: Sarah Tew/CNET

“The Pixel 4 XL (left) has a 6.3-inch display while the Pixel 4 has a 5.7-inch screen. But other than their screens and battery, the phones are nearly identical.”

The Price is just right

This is a completely new phone Vs the last year Pixel and I just love all the changes.

iPhone 11 Pro MAX

Unboxing and real-life review

What does it truly mean for any phone to earn the name we know as “Pro”? Well, lots of power, for one. Ordinarily great cameras. And powerful software that is robust enough to handle difficult tasks with ease. The all-new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are certainly ticked to all these boxes, and — just as you might expect — they are the best iPhones that Apple has ever made lol. The thing is, that I say every year and it is true each time, but it does not really sum up how we feel about the new iPhone Pros after having them tested them for a while.

iPhone 11 PRO MAX Pros

  • Big improvement in battery life
  • iOS 13 offers helpful new tools
  • The flexible triple camera system
  • Great performance for new users and upgraders
  • Big and beautiful screen
  • Improved battery life
  • iOS 13 offers helpful new tools
  • Flexible triple camera system
  • Great performance for new users and upgraders

iPhone 11 PRO MAX Cons

  • It’s still $1000
  • The ultra-wide camera sometimes lacks detail
  • Some design changes are divisive
  • Still very expensive
  • iOS 13 doesn’t do anything new with this big screen
  • Ultra-wide camera sometimes lacks detail
  • Some design changes are divisive
The Best iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max Cases

“Every iPhone should be in a case. The drop protection, extra grip, and personality a case adds are worth a few dollars and the added bulk. Even with the most careful handling, accidents happen, and going commando doesn’t strike us as being worth it when the result can be a $400-plus out-of-warranty repair. But hey, if a case isn’t your thing, you do you. Here are our picks for everyone else.”

  • By Nick Guy, thewirecutter.com

This new iPhone doesn’t attract any ugly fingerprints, so I am not wasting half my day wiping it clean and that could also be a plus compared to the old iPhone.

What’s in my school bag | EDC


Back to School Bag by Hardgraft

Are you stocking up new technology or even new books and heading back to school? If yes, then you would likely be looking for something to carry your stuff in. A well designed and sophisticated bag can fit your belongings and style. As soon as the summer ends, what’s in my bag becomes trend bringing the back to school vibes, and here we have come up with some of the best back to school bags by Hardgraft for you by keeping in mind to fit all of your school needs with style and convenience of not buying another bag in the long run. 

hardgraft review
Luxury Lifestyle Accessories With Down To Earth Aesthetics

Old School BackPack. Classic by Hardgraft

Carrying your technological items does not necessarily mean you must have an expensive technical bag made out of high technical fabric. The Flat Pack. Classic by Hardgraft gives the back to school classic vibes but with a little update to fit your sleek aluminum technology. This bag has a narrow format, but it can fit up to 15” laptops vertically. This hand made out of Veg tan leather bag designed in keeping every detail and proportion of your needs to fit perfectly. The high-quality leather makes this bag durable. This bag comes with two adjustable, padded, and reinforced straps that fit your shoulder perfectly and make your shoulders feel comfortable. There are two small pockets to hold your pens, and one big compartment to fit your books. Inside the big compartment, there is a padded compartment to fit your laptop and a zip pocket for your phone and wallet.

All-Rounder Pack. Black Coated by Hardgraft

It is not wrong to call this bag Philippe Petit since it perfectly holds the balance. The design of this bag is like a thin line between the smooth and rough surface. This practical sized back to school bag by Hardgraft is great enough to fit your keys, notebooks, compact camera, wallets, etc. With this bag, you can keep your belongings right next to your chest. This made in Italy bag features a smart adjustable and moveable leather strap giving you the maximum length of 110 cm. The front half of this bag is made up of water-repellent coated black canvas, and the back of the bag is made up of high-quality black veg tan leather which means that this bag is suitable for adverse weather conditions. There is a scratch-free zip to close the bag. A discreet zip pocket outside the bag and a single, sophisticated pocket inside the bag completes the functionality of this bag.

hardgraft review by atreef

Flat Pack. Classic by Hardgraft

Are you bored of the old bulky giant bags? Well, if yes then buy Flat Pack. Classic bag by Hardgraft. This is an extremely slim bag which lays on your backside without giving you a feeling of bulkiness. For those of you who want to carry a laptop around but do not want to feel the bulkiness. This bag is specially designed for fitting your MacBook, iPad, chargers, and other essentials. This bag has a flat pack which is safe with a zipper puller that is hidden under a magnetic top flap. A made in Italy luxurious vegetable-tanned leather bag is padded softly in all the place to make you and your belongings comfortable. This bag features a large zip opening to get full access inside. The adjustable straps softly padded with a metal buckle on each side. This bag comes in two sizes, that is one small and when large. There is one diagonal pocket in the inner side to hold your laptop and one big pocket on inside front to fit your books. It also has some compartments to keep your technology and essential belongings like your phone, charger, keys, wallet, etc.

Collected Shoulder Bag. Off Grey

This soft and versatile shoulder bag is everything that one needs in a back to school bag. This bag not only holds your laptop and belongings, but this bag also fits your clothes. If you are a high school student or someone who takes part in sport, then give this bag a go. This bag is versatile for traveling with your clothes on the weekend and books during school days. Also, high-quality leather material combines with professional workmanship is durable. This made in Itlay bag is made up of washed leather material. This bag features a large zip pocket outside the bag for easy packing. Inside there is one large pocket to place your laptop safe and sound. This bags complete with two removable and adjustable shoulder straps 


Belted BackPack. ChestNut

This sturdy, robust, lightweight, but a stylish belted backpack is good to take your back to school belongings conveniently. This made in Italy vegetable brown leather bag with deep chestnut which is contrasted with black edge paint having a belted top closure is all the luxurious feel that you need from a high-end bag. This bag features a fine opening edge crafting filled inside with refined wool blended lines which speaks itself the proficiency of workmanship. On one side, there is a separated zip which is a padded compartment for your laptop, magazines, and newspapers. The outside pockets can help you organize things like keys, sunglasses, phone, earbuds to get easy access. 

Well, Rounded BackPack. Alcantara by Hardgraft

Remember those times when you were six months old, developing your senses of touching everything to know how it feels. This well-rounded backpack by Hardgraft will take you to that experience but on a grown level. The rich leather and luxurious Alcantara divided with a zip pocket can make you addictive to its touch. This bag fits all the compartments of convenience. Its shape, size, space, and functionality is everything that you look in a high-end bag. The rich leather and Alcantara bag comes with a scratch-free zip made up of nylon material which makes it durable over the years. This bag features two adjustable straps made up of leather, a discreet zip for laptop, two small internal pockets, and a handy front pocket complete the bag’s functionality.

MOES WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener


Best Smart Home Garage Door opener with Alexa and Google Assistant

We are slowing gauging towards a world of smart and wireless gadgets, and we are utilizing the inventions to our advantage for several reasons. For instance, the idea of living in a “smart” house sounds exciting, and it allows us to venture digital gadgets into our routine for making our lives productive and effective. For instance, we are continuously lusting after home automation systems that would allow us to turn on or turn off the electronic devices remotely. Nevertheless, investing in a smart garage door opener is an excellent way to support your endeavors of living in a smart and technology-forward house. This is where MOES WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener comes handy. 

MOES has introduced a WiFi smart garage door opener that allows you to use a remote to monitor your garage door. With the assistance of mobile apps, not only you can control your garage’s door remotely, but, it also notifies you each time the door opens or closes. You can set specific instructions for automatic closing and opening of the garage doors, as well as monitoring the activities in your garage using a video stream option.

Most people struggle with getting out of their vehicles to open their garage door, and if there is no one to assist them on the spot, then, opening the door manually could be overwhelming. It is true for the instances if you arrive at your home late at night, and you fear that someone would get a hold on your vehicle while you are busy opening the garage door. Now, you do not have to fret if there is no one to open the garage door for you. Simply utilize the voice-control or remote control feature of the device, and explore the ways that you can put your MOES wireless smart garage door opener to use.

What is the device?

MOES has introduced the smart WiFi garage door, which is a dream-come-true for garage owners and vehicle owners, and it is integrated with all the innovative features to help you to control your smart garage doors effectively and conveniently.

MOES has put out exciting, innovative products before that earned a cult-favorite status amongst several of the users. The new and improved MOES wireless garage door opener encapsulates the features to help you improve your experience with the smart garage door. The device is endorsed with unique software optimization to help you experience the features of the device fully. Use Google Home or Alexa to voice control the device, and then you are good to go or even use it with IFTTT

The package comes with the following essentials:

  1.  Smart garage controller
  2.  Line holders
  3.  Brackets
  4.  Screws
  5.  3M stickers
  6.  Ties 

Top Features of the MOES WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener

Tap in your smart life App to control your garage door from Anywhere. When you were out for vacation or somewhere and forget to turn off the door, you can remotely open or close your garage door from anywhere

Alexa, turn on the garage door. When there is uninvited guest come and you are busy with something, just ask Alexa to turn on the garage door

Several users of the device swear by the efficiency and functionality of the smart garage door opener, and they cannot help but, recommend the innovative device to their peers. It is no wonder that garages are often susceptible to theft or burglary, and you cannot permit any illicit activity in your garage at all costs. If the security system of your garage is weak, then, the thieves wouldn’t be too reluctant on stealing your vehicle.

MOES WiFi Garage Door Opener is designed to address the concerns of worried and reluctant car owners, and it allows them to utilize the device to their leverage for ensuring the safety of their vehicle and spare parts kept in the garage. The following are the salient features of the device, which made it a favorable investment amongst thousands of car owners:

Upgrade your garage door automatically

One of the misconceptions regarding the MOES device is that people are required to install a hi-tech garage door to their garage. It shouldn’t be so expensive and challenging to upgrade your garage’s door to an automatic setting, which is why you can simply upgrade your garage door to a smart-control feature. 

Well, some wireless door opener’s manufacturers might require you to invest in an automatic garage door to facilitate the function of the device; however, with MOES smart and wireless garage door opener, you can simply add the module to your existing opener, and it would work impeccably! The device is designed to resonate with your wireless system, which allows you to operate, automate, and monitor your door’s setting using your smartphone.

Versatile features for IOS and Android smartphones

One of the amazing features of the MOES home automation service for garage doors is that it comes with a reliable and durable app that allows you to control and monitor your garage’s door activities from a distance. You can maneuver the app to your advantage to use “door position status” using an animated garage door. Additionally, you can use the app to turn off and turn on the door on a countdown timer and be on your way without any hassle.

User-friendly for family members

If you live in a large family house then, you obviously have access to a spacious garage for parking multiple vehicles at a time. The MOES wireless solution for garage doors is integrated with multiple user access that allows a family to use the app effectively. The user-friendly app is designed to provide security and convenience to a family, and if you are expecting a package at your address then, you can simply open the garage and advise the dispatcher to leave the package in your garage. 

Simply share this innovative door controller with your family members, and instruct them on how to use the app for their own benefit. You can use one mobile phone to control the device or, you can utilize multiple smartphones for controlling the features of the device.

Smart Home Device By Mose

Give your garage a makeover

If you are considering upgrading your garage door’s design and structure then, you can further enhance the overall look of your garage by installing the MOES garage door opener to your newly installed garage door. If you are expecting guests at your home, you can simply use your smartphone to open the garage door for them, and they can enter and park their vehicle in the garage.

No hub required

The previous iterations of a smart garage door opener required to install a hub to your garage door for activating the features of the device. With MOES WiFi smart garage door opener, you are free from the obligation of installing a hub to your door and utilize a 2.4Ghz wireless technology for accessing the door. 

Furthermore, the device is backed up with a two-year warranty, and you are barely required to charge its batteries because it is none required, and it would last you for a long time. Simply update the app as per your requirements, and you are good to go!

How to use the MOES WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener

The WiFi smart garage door opener features a dual-controller or, a two-way controller to help you use the door opener to its best. Firstly, we would strongly advise you on reading the instruction’s manual that comes with the book, and carefully install the device to the recommended sites on your garage door. If you are experiencing any trouble with the installation process, maybe you can consider reaching out to the technical team of MOES via email, and they would reply to your query as soon as possible.

Hands-free voice control 

If you are eager to park your vehicle in your garage and your hands are occupied to use the app to unlock or open the garage door then, you can use the hands-free voice control feature of the device to open your door. You can use Alexa or Google Assistant to give voice commands, and the door will be unlocked within a few seconds after you command it to do so.

Remote control

If you are relaxing or lounging in your house then, you can use the remote controller that comes with the device to maneuver the functions of the smart garage door opener. For instance, if you are expecting a courier or a mail carrier at your home, you can simply use the remote control to open or close the door.

Why do we recommend this product?

We live in an era of smart inventions, and we are yet to experiment with smart and technological devices that would change our lives for good. We might have seen an automatic garage door in movies or cartoons back in the days but, the good news is that MOES wireless smart garage door opener can do the same for you at an unbeatable price.

The smart garage door opener by MOES is integrated with excellent and exceptional features that address your concerns of the ultimate smart garage door opener, and it perfectly hits the nail on the head with its modern and pioneering capabilities that would take you by surprise!

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Best air monitoring method | Temtop M10i

Temtop M10i WiFi Air Quality Monitor for PM2.5 HCHO TVOC AQI

Most of us recognize the risks of air pollution outside of our home, but actually, air pollution the inside of our house can be more dangers, everything from dust and toxic fumes or even small radiation. These Indoor air pollutants can be 2 to 5 times more concentrated inside of our house than outside of our home. Air pollution can have many effects, but the most important one is the concept of shortening our life and reducing our life expectancy. Temtop M10i is a way to understand how to improve our life.

About 40 years ago we started thinking about this issue and began what was called the six-city study and that study showed that people living in the more polluted city have shorter life expectancy via increased respiratory problem but also through; heart attack and stroke. As air quality is gotten better, we see people are living much better.

Everything we do has helped us manage and improve air quality; however, there are still some things that we can implement to improve our air quality and prevent the rasing of such hard levels.

Air Quality Monitor

The air around us is getting polluted day by day. In the last decade, we have observed the high emergence of air pollution diseases. Though many environmental activists, environment control ministries and NGOs are taking precautionary measures to keep the air clean for a better environment around us. We all are aware of the ill effects of poor air quality on our health. Haven’t we? Anyone can come up with the problems, let’s talk about the solution, how can we make sure that our air is clean for better health and environment? The only solution is Air Quality Monitoring.

Air quality monitoring is a process which measures the existing quality of the Air. For air quality monitoring, there are air quality monitors available in the market. Air quality monitor takes minutes to calculate the quality of air. Usually, these monitors track the humidity level in the air, temperature, volatile organic compounds, and other particulate matters. They can even detect mold spores in the air. In simple words, you can say air quality monitor tracks the presence of air pollution around us, and that’s the need of the hour for all the people living on this planet.

Benefits of Air Quality Monitors

Now in this section, we are going to discuss the benefits of air quality monitors. There are amazing benefits of air quality monitors for our health and environment. The first and most crucial benefit is stagnant air can be detected easily before the occurrence of negative consequences. The device can help you to sleep better as it tracks the humidity of the room. VOCs can develop asthma symptoms in the human body. Renovation work can create VOCs into the air but do not worry as air quality monitor detects the VOCs in the renovated room. Another significant benefit of air quality monitors is that you can do bacteria-free cooking in your kitchen. With the help of this device, we can keep our children safe from all kinds of air diseases. One of the significant benefits is that you can stay aware of regular air changes in your surroundings to take precautionary measures before anything bad happens as these devices keep long track records. Monitoring your surrounding air can maximize your standard of living. If you want to live up to mark, then we recommend you to have one air quality monitor.

Worldwide there are hundreds of air monitoring devices available. Every air monitor in the market has its benefits and shortcomings. It is difficult for us to choose the best method with great functionality but do not worry; today, we have got you covered with one of the best air monitors to meet your all needs. 

Temtop M10i Wireless Air Quality Monitor

Temtop M10i is the top electrochemical sensor from a company Dart UK. The device is best to use in the indoor environment such as for homes, offices, cars, restaurants, hospitals, and many other places like these. This device is one of its kinds. Temptop M10i is portable. It has a minimalist design. This is known as a one-click device. It is wireless 5-IN-1 air quality monitor.

Temtop M10i is very easy to operate and handle. This device has a simple, unique cube design. The weight of the device is 200g. It comes with a user manual, and it is very straightforward to understand. The device is very small and lightweight. It has no audible air noise. Temtop M10i is very stable and gives precise results than most of the devices available in the market.


This monitor has a built-in battery in it. The battery is rechargeable and is of very high capacity. Usually, the battery gives 5-6 hours working. The battery capacity is 2200 mAh. The battery takes DC5V as the input voltage. The sensor used in the device is an electrochemical sensor. The life of HCHO is three years, whereas the lifetime of TVOC is also three years, which makes this device a first choice for the customer. The device has three indicators for battery levels and alarms. The device has a charging port, air vents, and reset button on the back as well. It has amazing features. The features include PM2.5, HCHO, TVOC, AQI, and WIFI.

The device is pre-calibrated that shows accurate measurements of a formaldehyde molecule. The monitors come with an application. The device application is available for both Android and iPhone phones. The application has a compact interface. Compact interface makes this application user-friendly. Temtop M10i mobile application supports real-time AQI monitoring. You can easily monitor real-time readings anytime and anywhere. 

You can check the condition of Air in your office while sitting in your home lounge. The application also shows histogram remotely. Histograms are the best way to analyze big data. Data gets permanently stored in the application for future analysis. You can always do the analysis later with big data for accurate information. The application also allows the user to turn off or on the device remotely. This application also shows local weather and forecast. It requires only three steps to set WiFi on the device.

How to work it?

First, reset to active WiFi function then connect mobile phones to WiFi, after that scan back QR code to set up the WiFi. Finally, the final step is to input the WiFi password. You can see all the details remotely related to your air conditioner on your mobile screens. WiFi functioning of this device is amazing. The monitor has Temtop 3rd generation laser particle sensor with maximum. 20,000 hours lifetime. Temtop 3rd generation laser particle sensor has a unique particle swarm optimization algorithm. Swarm optimization algorithm makes the particle measurement accurate. The monitor has TVOC detect function which can accurately cover a comprehensive range of organic pollutants of VOCs. Nutshell, this device covers everything related to your air monitoring needs. 

Temtop M10i WiFi Air Quality Monitor for PM2.5 HCHO TVOC AQI

Air Quality Index (AQI)

The AQI is based on air pollutants that have adverse effects on human health and the environment. The pollutants are ozone, fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and total reduced sulfur compounds.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. It includes a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects.

Formaldehyde (HCHO)

Colorless, poisonous, highly water-soluble gas with an obnoxious odor. Used in the manufacture of disinfectants, preservatives, and hundreds of industrial and consumer products such as adhesives, carpeting, decorative paneling, foam insulation, drapery, fiber and particle boards, and permanent press fabrics.

Particulate Matter (PM2.5)

Fine particles (PM2.5) are 2.5 micrometers in diameter or smaller, and can only be seen with an electron microscope. Fine particles are produced from all types of combustion, including motor vehicles, power plants, residential wood burning, forest fires, agricultural burning, and some industrial processes

health parameter guide
Professional Electrochemical Sensor Detector Real-Time Display
  • 5-IN-1 Air Quality Monitor: PM2.5, HCHO, TVOC, AQI, WIFI
  • Real-time AQI monitoring, remote turn on/off function, local weather forecast
    • Support iPhone or Android phones
  • Temtop 3rd-generation laser particle sensor with max. 20,000 hours’ lifetime.
    • Unique particle swarm optimization algorithm
  • Electrochemical sensor from Dart UK with pre-calibrated that provides more accurate formaldehyde molecule measurements.
  • Its TVOC detect function can covering a wide range of organic pollutants of VOCs.”

Aputure LS-mini 20D LED Light Review

Best Video Lighting for YouTube

Aputure LS-mini 20D LED – Daylight The LS-Mini20 LED Light is part of the Aputure Light Storm series. It features TLCI 97 and an active fan cooling system with real-time feedback of temperature circuit. With an ultra-silent fan and a multi-power supply, the LS-Mini20 offers you options for all kinds of lighting requirements. Features:

  • 40000 LUX at 0.5m
  • Color Temperature Adjustment (7500K±300K)
  • TLCI>97 offers High Color Rendition
  • Controllable and Shapeable Light Ability
  • Rich Accessories Selection (available separately)
  • Brightness and Beam Angle Adjustment
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Endless Power Options

The Aputure LS-mini20 d is a great low cost; compact LED fresnel light that uses only 25 watts of power. There is an endless compact LED fresnel lights on the market, so how does the Aputure LS-mini 20D LED Light stack up to them? Well, let us find out.

The first thing that strikes you about Aputure LS-mini 20D LED Light is how light the LS-mini 20 is. Aputure does not give any weight specifications on them, but I was curious, so I got out the scales. The Light weighed in at only 680g or 23.98oz. That is lighter than some small-sized sodas.

LS-mini20 review
4.3Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars 12 reviews

7500K out of the box

It only is described as a strange move on Aputure. The LS-mini20 has an amazing kelvin color temperature of 7500K that is +/-300K. Off the top of my head, I can not think of any other light that comes as a 7500K. Calling it a daylight fixture as noted by the “D” in its name is just a bit of a stretch. The 5600K fixtures are the norm; it is hard to understand why this fixture bucks the trend yet.

The whole concept behind the LS-mini20 is its versatility, and it certainly ticks that when it comes to power options of it. The Light uses only 25 watts of power that means you can run it for extended periods of time from the included Sony style battery.


aputure ls 20 output

Not only you get a battery and a fast charger, but also a power plate that can be used as an attachment that lets one mount it on any light stand. What I personally like about the power plate is that it uses a connector at one end that makes it super easy to also run the Light off a camera battery that uses a D-tap output.

The other little nice trick is that the Light can also be powered off using a USB 5V-2A power bank. This is a really great feature, but you do need to know that the lights output will be reduced to a 1/4 if you are powering it using a power bank. A 25% drop in output is I think a small price to pay for this added flexibility. The Aputure LS-mini 20D LED Light can also be powered off mains power through its 5v-18v port.

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DxO One Camera Review: iPhone Photo Perfection

Must have iPhone accessory | DxO One Camera: iPhone Photo Perfection

Smartphone cameras are getting better every day, but they are nevertheless nowhere near as reliable as a mirrorless camera or a DSLR. However, a dedicated camera is too bulky for shutterbugs looking to travel light. The Dxo One camera is truly a great compromise between the two (phone/camera). The 1-inch sensor is extremely larger than that of any smartphone. However, Dxo One is still small enough to slip into your pocket. Yes, it is pricey, but after taking the Dxo One on a few trips, I am highly impressed by its quality and convenience.

DxO One Camera Review: iPhone Photo Perfection
DxO ONE 20.2MP Digital Connected Camera for Android Devices with Type C Connector


The DxO One is truly unlike any other camera. It is about the size of a charger for your phone, the 3.8 ounce. The DxO One slipped just easily into my pocket and making it just great for when I need to travel light.

The Dxo, One front of the camera, has a lens cover that, when it is slid open, causes the Lightning jack just to pop out the side of the Dxo one. The connector rotates about 45 degrees in all direction, so you can easily hold the DxO and iPhone above/below your head. And still, see what is on screen. I just wish that it felt more secure; I am always scared of it snapping off the connector.

The DxO One’s 1-inch BSI CMOS sensor produced superb images that were significantly sharper than those from the iPhone 6s.

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(Image credit: The DxO One captured more details in the top of the Empire State Building. Credit: Mike Propero / Tom's Guide)
(Image credit: The DxO One captured more details in the top of the Empire State Building. Credit: Mike Propero / Tom’s Guide)

One has to wonder, that, will people who find the convenience of a smartphone camera, especially one as great as the iPhone’s, be willing to carry around the Dxo One as a secondary device which is sole functionally be almost entirely dependent on said phones? Only time will tell. However, if the Dxo can deliver the claimed “DSLR image quality” with a super-small a device that pairs with the always-connected to the convenience of a smartphone, then they may have a winner on their hands.

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The Best GPU graphic card For Gaming In The Market

Both AMD and NVIDIA have introduced important changes in their catalog over the past few years; More and more models are available and this gives us more options when buying a graphics card, In addition to more competitive prices. However, it also implies greater difficulties in understanding the differences between ranges and models. In this buying guide, we review which are the best graphic card under $100 that we can buy and the key concepts that we must consider to know which one to choose. You can find techy gadgets related information in NoFluffTech.

GPU For Gaming nvidia

As we advanced,  NVIDIA and AMD have expanded their range of graphics cards. Now there are more models to choose from, a wider range that has favored more interesting prices. But this huge variety of graphics cards made it increasingly difficult to identify which are the best graphics cards. Before diving into the ranges and models that are available, it is best to review certain key concepts and some essential guidelines that will help us choose the best cheap graphics card for our PC’s and our needs. so let’s find the graphic card.

What should you consider before buying a graphic card?

PC hardware balance

One could enter into much more technical terms, but to make it easily understandable, we should understand the set of hardware components of a PC as a system – which is what it is – in which some parts are dependent on others. This means that yes, the graphics card is most responsible for the performance of video games, in terms of graphics, but it is not the only hardware component that influences this. So do other components such as the CPU and RAM, and even the system or storage unit in which both the operating system and video games are installed. Storage should only influence loading times, but on computers, with limited RAM it can affect performance in the use of video games.

Therefore, even if the budget allows us, we should not always consider only and exclusively the most powerful graphics card on the market. It is possible that, for a given budget, we are more interested in buying best cheap GPU for gaming, however, at the same time renewing the motherboard and the CPU, or expanding the RAM, or changing our hard drive to a state unit solid, that is, an SSD. In short, it is important to seek balance in the configuration of hardware components to avoid the bottleneck.

Hardware compatibility

As we said, the configuration of hardware components of a PC must be taken into account as a system and, therefore, seek a certain balance. But in addition to this, we must also take into account the limitations when choosing hardware components for the simple reason of compatibility. And at this point, yes, the graphics card we are looking at maybe compatible, or not, with the rest of the components already assembled. In addition, there are several factors to consider.

The first one is relative to the dimensions. The form factor of our tower will give us the possibility to install any graphic, or not, depending on its length. And the length of the graphics card is given by cooling it, with one or up to three fans. And beyond the graphics card that fits in the tower, or not, we must consider the space that will be free for the interior ventilation to be correct. And of course, we must check that on our motherboard there are enough PCI-E connections to accommodate the graphics.

It should also be considered that the power supply has sufficient connections, adequate pins and the power necessary to power the graphics card we are considering buying. And in other words, keep in mind that technologies such as  Ray Tracing in NVIDIA RTX may not work in certain software versions. So, even if the graphics card is going to work, if we have this compatibility problem we would not be taking advantage of its maximum performance in cases where Ray Tracing can be used.

What are you going to use the graphics card for?

The first two points should have served us to discard a wide variety of graphics cards. At this third point, although we could anticipate the rest, we should consider what we are going to use our graphics card for, or with what expectations. That is to say, we should take into account what kind of games we are going to want to use, due to its technical requirements, and also in what kind of configuration we are going to play. It is not the same to pretend to play in Full HD at 30 fps and with medium quality, than to look for 4K at 60 fps with ultra quality, or Full HD at 240 fps with ultra quality.

And in addition to the above, although closely related, we must also consider the term of use. With an NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti, today, we will be able to play most titles in Full HD at 30 fps in ultra quality, but for how long? The technical requirements of video games have a growing trend over time, as is evident, and if we intend to execute AAA titles. So we should keep in mind before buying a graphics card, what are our expectations in this regard.

Budget to buy a graphics card

This may be the first step because it is the one that most graphics card models will lead us to discard when making our decision and purchase. Before considering the acquisition of any model, we should set a budget, a price range that we are willing to assume. From here, as is evident, we will not find the same models if we set our maximum expenditure at 300 euros, for example, if we do it at 800 euros. And in the same way, as we mentioned in the hardware balance section, with a high budget, it may be worth considering part of the cost for the graphics card, and part for other hardware components. Some cameras allow you to crop your clip, and you should take advantage of it to free up wasted memory.

Choosing the right frame rate for your theme is vitally important. Here are some examples, Just try it:

120 FPS: Most basic slow motion, just a quarter of the speed of real life; is the speed normally used in sports replays

300 FPS: Good for slow motion with narration, such as walking and love scenes and display of masculinity

600 FPS: The Basics of Slow Motion Pornography; human movements become less narrative, more anatomical.

1,000 FPS – 1,200 FPS: Human motives move very slowly at this rate; You are now in blast mode; 1,200 FPS is the fastest the Casio EX-F1 can record

5,000 FPS – 10,000 FPS: Explosions caused by bullets, shards of glass rising and floating in the air… and you can see the intricate design of lightning; store-bought cameras can’t do that – yet

When we are buying the components of our new gaming computers it is very important to know perfectly what to buy, and one of the great incognitas is which graphics card to buy. And this depends on the budget we have at that time. Best GPU under $100 to $700 is the highest range, without the Titan X Pascal.

The most usual budget among users is between 200 and 300 euros. This is the current goal of the two major manufacturers of graphics cards, NVIDIA and AMD, so we will see the best options for each of them. When we are buying the components of our new gaming computers it is very important to know perfectly what to buy, and one of the great incognitas is which graphics card to buy. And this depends on the budget we have at that time.

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