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ZUNGLE launches V2 bone conduction sunglasses Viper and Lynx

Whoever think of bone conduction sunglasses, automatically thinks of ZUNGLE. ZUNGLE pleasantly surprised us last year with the first version of bone conduction sunglasses, and now we have V2 is a Good Cheap Sunglasses.

These sunglasses, called ZUNGLE Viper, quickly conquered the world. In the meantime, this company, with their headquarters in Los Angeles, did not just sit back and relax. They now have developed a second version which is out, and it looks so much better. This Good Cheap Sunglasses that use Bluetooth or even could be called Bluetooth Glasses are a new technology indeed one of the best of its kind.

The Zungle Viper

The Zungle Viper is indeed the next generation of bone conduction sunglasses. This is the ZUNGLE Viper and also the ZUNGLE Lynx; two pairs of great sunglasses with the same technology that is enhanced bone conduction. But they both have different frames. Thanks to the integrated of the all enhanced A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) the Zungle can also be called to as being somewhat a smart glasses. We will have to talk about their A.I. integration later on in this article.

ZUNGLE has now worked very hard over the past years on the second version of their bone conduction sunglasses. ZUNGLE took note of all the remarks and reviews about their previous version and implemented on the new version. With high optimization, the V2 is just outstanding. With the new and innovative options plus functionalities, it is one of the best of its kind out thier.

Its Time

No wonder we all are looking forward to these new ZUNGLE V2 glasses. And now I have it for you and can share my experience with them. Within a few weeks that I play with it, I have to say that I love it. We here Atreef will also receive the new version to take the test on them. As soon as I got them, I start testing it, and the result was a remarkable bone conduction device. Also, let’s talk about what makes these sunglasses so unique? And Let’s take a look at what we here already know.

Bone conduction sunglasses that can go the extra mile

The ZUNGLE Viper and its brother, the ZUNGLE Lynx, are both equally equipped with the bone conduction technology system. The technology allows users to listen to their music or to take a call without any problem while hearing the complete ambient noise around them at the same time.

For additional information regarding Bone conduction technology. In addition to its enhanced bone conduction technology, the Zungle smart glasses are also equipped with the all-new Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Besides being a regular sunglasses, the addition of Bluetooth features will also provide users the ideal wireless headphones with AI.

This is amazing

In our previous paragraph, we talked about the enhanced bone conduction technology that this company uses. To achieve the top quality of the all-new bone conduction quality, Zungle started exclusive partnerships with top companies such as Samsung and Sony. Such partnerships resulted in a new way of the sound system named Vibra. The all-new Vibra speakers are integrated into the body or the frame of the ZUNGLE sunglasses and are more powerful and brighter than before, providing the users a clear sound and comfort.

ZUNGLE new way of Charging

The A.i. artificial Intelligence turns ZUNGLE sunglasses into full smart glasses. Besides having the enhanced bone conduction technology, ZUNGLE also has decided to go the extra mile with the addition of AI technology. Making this version the best of the world. By integrating this new technology, ZUNGLE turns classic bone conduction sunglasses into a real smart glass that is like no other.

By incorporating AI capability, users can be able to request command and help both Siri and Google Assistant by just pressing a button on the side of the glass. Just ask your question, and Siri or Google Assistant will automatically and instantly search the Internet and provide you with the best result via bone conduction communication.

The main difference between the ZUNGLE Viper and the ZUNGLE Lynx

Concerning the specifications and also the technology, there is not much difference between the two. ZUNGLE Viper and the ZUNGLE Lynx are almost the same. Both glasses use the same bone conduction technology and are so-called smart glasses that are integrated with your AI technology. The difference is only can be seen within the frame. One frame has a more square shape while the other frames have a more of a round shape. This is a Good Cheap Sunglasses.

There are various lenses also available, and ZUNGLE intends to fully allow users to swap the lens and make it fully customizable. ZUNGLE is also considering to set up a new program which will enable users to test the new frame before buying it.

Should I buy the ZUNGLE Viper or the ZUNGLE Lynx

Do you think you like the ZUNGLE Viper or its brother the ZUNGLE Lynx? If you think the answer is yes, you should consider buying them because we believe they are great. And are full of new futures. The price may be a bit high, but I have to say that these are Good Cheap Sunglasses or so-called Bluetooth Glasses.

A short ZUNGLE history for your information

ZUNGLE is an all American company that was founded in 2016 in CA, Los Angeles. The company immediately took a great start, and in 2017 they gained almost 8 million dollars in revenues because of their work. Thanks to a high-quality product that they made, and a grand marketing strategy with continuous improvement to their product. they are Good Cheap Sunglasses we think.

Zungle expects significant growth in 2018 with about $20 million in revenues. With such growth, they do not only rely on their ZUNGLE Viper and ZUNGLE Lynx, but they also have started partnerships with other big names, celebrities, and companies. If you like Good Cheap Sunglasses this is it.

The specifications of the ZUNGLE Viper and ZUNGLE Lynx 

Size/Weight142x50x161 (mm)/50g
Colors3 frame colors/8 lens colors
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0 (A2DP profile)Wireless Range: 30 feet/10 meters
CompatibilityAny device with built-in Bluetooth and communication function
BatteryStandby TIME 100 hours/Playtime 4 hoursTwo 3.7 v 120mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries
Charging timeLess than 1 hour via Pogo pin
Resistant to sweat/rainIPX4
What you get?ZUNGLE Viper (or Lynx), Pogo-pin charger, Soft case, cleaning cloth, manual & Warranty



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