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Zmodo Smart Doorbell Greet Pro

Zmodo The Best Smart Doorbell Greet Pro with Beam With WiFi Extender EVER!! The new Zmodo smart doorbell that will make sure you never miss another visitor.

When I first got my Smart Doorbell (Greet Pro Doorbell), I waited a couple of days to install it. I was not sure how to set it up or install it, but after contacting the company. They helped me with every step and thankfully with the item you get all the item needed to install it.

I took off the old doorbell in minutes and installed this fantastic Smart Doorbell in less than 10 minutes. I had to place it on the molding around my door frame, and honestly, it still looks great. All you must do is to connect the two wires on to the provided screws in the unit and attach it to your wall; it is truly as easy as 1-2-3.

Once installed just set up your account if you like choosing your plan or go with the free one, adjust your settings, and let the fun begin. It is like Christmas every day; this thing is so fun and useful. I get to see who comes to my door when no one is home or when my packages are delivered. Also, you can set it up to send you an alert you when someone comes to your Smart Doorbell or if seen in the motion zones. I can even talk to anyone that comes to my house.

It has never been that easy to see, hear, and communicate with the people at your front door (or any door) using the Zmodo The Best Smart Doorbell Greet Pro with Beam With WiFi Extender. Simply from anywhere in the world just sign in to your app and start the conversation (Personally I’m using the iPhone app).


Before installing, please read the manual as it can be quite helpful. I unscrewed my old doorbell in just a minute, which was hardwired, and placed my the Zmodo Smart doorbell in less than 10 minutes. It even comes with a Leveler to make sure it’s straight, and your installation is without any problem.

Using it:

The app can tell me when there is motion at my door. You can also set the distance for your Zmodo smart doorbell to sense via infrared motion if there is movement. With an additional plan, It can record and store all movement for up to 30 days. You can also talk with anyone that is outside your door if they ring the bell or not ( this is COOL). There is even a live feed to see what is happening at your house. Finally, the app is super easy to use and setup.

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