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With the new outbreak now listed as a pandemic. various companies are shifting to remote mode and promoting employees to work from home. All remote work has there perks. You don’t need to waste any time commuting; hence you can sleep a bit longer lol or enjoy a refreshing morning walk. Your flexible schedule allows you to meet a courier or have an afternoon exercise. Moreover, you can avoid noises and distractions so common for conventional open-space office.

Nevertheless, working from your home is not easy. When you are home, and your office is also in the same place. setting boundaries and maintaining work-life balance is crucial.

Other challenges arise, as well. With the reduction of face to face communication and coffee breaks with your co-workers. You also may exhibit loneliness and some isolation. By taking frequent walks to the fridge in our pajamas, chatty family members, or the constant charm of a warm & cozy afternoon nap. it is challenging to stay in the work mode.

In this article, I like to share our tips for efficiently working from your home.

The reasons many of us like the idea of work remotely are not surprising: (91%) better work-life balance, (79%) increased productivity, (78%) better focus, less stress, and (78%) to avoid a commute.

  1. Set your working hours
  2. Have a dedicated place for work
  3. Prepare your tech
  4. Create a morning ritual to start your workday
  5. Set rules for people you live with
  6. Take breaks and go outside
  7. Overcommunicate and feel connected
  8. Make a weekly plan
  9. Don’t forget to stop working