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PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

The PS4 Pro outputs to a 4K- and HDR signal that is compatible with all high-end TVs on any older version, PlayStation 4 promises a better visuals and increased frame rates for games. The console includes a 1 TB of hard drive, and it works with all PS4 games, apps, and accessories to this date.

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PlayStation 4 Pro gives noticeable improvements in a limited number of the games, and we were capable of testing, but that could change with new titles coming in the months and years ahead of us. PlayStation 4 Pro is mostly a PS4 with better hardware inside that is designed to improve not only the performance but the visuals beyond what is currently possible on the standard PS4. Not every PS4 games can take advantage of the Pro, though it will play any PS4 game you throw at it with ease.

Indeed, the PlayStation Pro uses some common tricks including anti-aliasing, checkerboard and rendering, and geometry rendering. That means PlayStation games that have horizontal resolutions of 1728p, 1800p or 1952p. The games will be upscaled to 2160p as needed while balancing all graphical sharpness with the all important frame rate. Simply PlayStation 4 Pro is the best choice over PS4


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