What is Artificial Intelligence or AI

In computer science, and Artificial Intelligence is sometimes known or called machine intelligence. AI is intelligence that is demonstrated by machines, in contrast to all the natural intelligence made and displayed by humans and animals. In this post, we will examine to find what is artificial intelligence.

When it comes to our existence in this world, You know that there are two certainties in our lives; death and taxes.

But do you think by using AI we can get rid of one of those? Well, when we look at our history, just about 100 years ago life expectancy was only set at 45nd, and by 1950 it was up to 65 years. Today its almost 80 Tomorrow, who knows? Right

Health care has made huge progress, and now our ability to recognize and eliminate disaster using AI. In this post, we will look into how AI is learning to predict how we live. Also, how it is helping us to make changes in our life only by making the right decisions every time.

Let’s first look at AI in its term 

The first part is known as “artificial” that is simple to understand; Artificial is human-made, that does not independently exist in nature. However, Intelligence is a bit harder to define.

It could only mean an efficient, capable computer or a program that can, for example, make a joke funny or not and even write its joke. So, it’s more of what AI can do that defines its present state of Intelligence. You wonder how AI works. Such as your simple 50-dollar Amazon Alexa. Let us dive into Artificial Intelligence from Alexa’s eyes.

The best way to think about Alexa’s ability is to investigate yourself. After all, humans are the most intelligent people on the planet.

What is AI

what is AI
Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotic data monitoring or analysis concept based isometric design.

Artificial Intelligence is a broad branch of computer science. Their goal as an AI is to create systems that can function intelligently and independently all by themselves. You, as a human, can communicate through language by both listening and speaking. To an AI, this is a field of speech recognition; this is called statistical learning.

As a human, you have the power to write and learn text, also called NLP or natural language processing. You can also see with your eyes and process what you can see, known to AI, as the field of computer vision. 

We, as humans, have the capability to recognize what is around us through our eyes. Creating images of our world – this is known as computer vision field, that is used to learn our environment.

Finally, humans can see patterns such as the grouping of like objects in the same way – that is known to AI as the field of pattern recognition.

AI, in particular, is processing this information to better process information through multiple dimensions of data known as the field of machine learning.

The Brain.

But before we go too deep with its learning ability, we must first consider our brain. Our brain is a complex network of neurons that we use to learn new things every day. 

AI is using such a process by replicating its functions, thus giving them cognitive capabilities, particularly in machines known to them as the field of neural networks.

By looking into these networks deeper, Artificial Intelligence can learn complicated things known as the field of deep learning. There are many types of deep learning in each machine that is primarily made of different techniques to replicate what the human brain does and wants.

The Human’s Mind

What is Artificial Intelligence or AI
Artificial Intelligence concept design with face

As a human, we have the ability to remember your past events such as our family’s or even as simple as the meal that we had AI can use a neural network to remember its past by using recurrent neural network.

As you see, there are two ways that AI works, one being symbolic, and another being data-based. For the data-based side called machine learning, we need to feed the machine data before it can learn. 

For example, if you communicate with me or if you use your phone to shop, AI can plot your data to see patterns. By learning this pattern, then they can discover you and your needs and use them in many dimensions and – manipulate, replicate, and even predict your desires and even choices before we also think about them.

How are we making it possible?

By teaching, AI can create a pattern that we may not even think of. They can either do classification or predictions. As an example, AI can classify our needs based on our mood or time of the day. 

AI is continually learning and gets the ability to make a better prediction to stop a war or a disease before it even happens. Amazon is currently using Artificial neural networks a natural language models to improve my speaking style giving me new voices and even learn when you are happy or unhappy.

There is undoubtedly no stop in AI

We can only help it grow; once it’s implemented, it will only get stronger. But the question is, Will, AI ever help us achieve a longer lifespan or will it change our destiny. What do you think, and how are you feeding data to improve AI’s capability in your life?

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