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Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds on Amazon

I am starting a new series to showcase the cheapest product on Amazon. Today I will review the Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds. With an excellent first impression that will hopefully be a sign of an excellent product.

I picked this item because I walk one hour a day while listening to music. I needed a Bluetooth headset that does not cost much, and I would not care if I lose them. Manly, I wanted something that does not plug both of my ears. I want to hear ambient noises such as cars or bikes coming up from behind. I Personally tried dangling one of my old earbuds. But it did not work, and I needed something that was cheap and would be easy to use.

It solved my problems

This single earbud solved my problems immediately. It is very comfortable, and it includes a variety of ear cushion sizes. I pick the correct fit that did not add pressure to my ear walls. This was super easy to pair with my iPhone x just press and hold the button on it until it says “CONNECTED.” The Sound quality is good as I need it. And it is good for a single earbud. Just don’t expect booming bass or any exceptional fidelity as you are listening to music. That is not what is this meant for.

Compact box

The Earbuds arrived in a very nice compact box when I ordered it. Upon opening the box, out popped an amazing black leather round zipper pouch. Inside this pouch was a sealed baggie containing the earbud and its charger. Also inside you can find a second bag with various ear cushions with a clear set of illustrated instructions written inside.

What I think

I was personally very impressed with the charger dock. There are no cables with just a tiny micro USB connector. Just insert the dock into your standard USB charger or any of your USB port on your PC and place the earbud in the dock. The item has a magnetic connection to hold it in place easily.


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