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Vanguard Multi-Mount 6 for your Tripod

Vanguard Multi-Mount 6 Tripod and Utility Bar is an accessory. It allows anyone to mount multiple cameras and accessories or other devices such as a flash unit, spotting scopes, or a tripod heads to a single tripod. The Multi-Mount bar attaches quickly and efficiently to your tripod. With a 1/4″-20 or 3/8″ threaded screw that is very easy to work with.

Vanguard Multi-Mount 6 is another excellent Vanguard product at an excellent price. If you need a high-quality multi-mount, I can personally recommend this product with its quality. I have used it for five months with no problems, and I can expect it to last forever.

Vanguard Multi-Mount 6

This product has truly revolutionized my videography for YouTube! Now all my cameras can get different angles, and I can easily attach my microphone and my monitor at the same time. Now I am one all set, and I can work without any problem, and it is all because of this!

It is also excellent for wildlife photography, sturdy and made well with top quality. I depend on this mount to hold my equipment and not tip over in any given situation. Link it up with a well-made tripod, and it makes for a great combination that you do not have to worry about when the shooting becomes intense!

Amazing Product to have!!

Vanguard Multi-Mount for your tripod also, allows me to get my camera off the center of the tripod and quickly out where the action is. It is indeed a durable piece of equipment. I like that you can have the camera and various equipment on one arm. The unit comes with four attachment points for any cameras, flashes or other accessories. With a super clamp, and you could add other components. With some additional hardware, you could provide support for a tethered laptop as well. My only concern is that Vanguard does not yet offer a rotating or pivoting connector between the tripod column the top plate and the Multi-Mount. That would provide unlimited flexibility for any situation.

  • SPECS WARRANTY: Applicable by national law
  • WEIGHT (LB): 1.02


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