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Why #Tube?

Unlike a typical .com, .tube is a space you design and control.

Who’s Using It?

.tube Crew is made up of elite #influencers and video creators who connect with their viewers.
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Where Can I Get It?

There are thousands of amazing .tube addresses available right now. Enter your desired name to check availability and find your .tube! is just life-changing for your channel.

Brand your video content with a .tube domain

  • be memorable
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  • brand yourself
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You’ll have complete control to do whatever you want with your .TUBE domain, with great benefits to help you overcome some of the downsides of sticking exclusively to traditional video channels:

  • Integration with your existing channel
  • Control of design & functionality
  • Improved visibility & ways to get noticed
  • Ownership of your community
  • Incremental revenue opportunities
  • Better control of the ads
  • More favorable revenue cuts
  • Integration with other channels