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[2nd Gen]TP-Link 9-Port USB 3.0 Hub with 7 USB 3.0 Data Ports

I was a bit skeptical after I got my TP-Link 9-Port USB 3.0 Hub. But soon I found out that this is indeed a Perfect Companion To Your Setup. When I opened the box, I was surprised by its quality and how great it looked. It looks genuinely sleek, and it has a modern touch to it. I plugged it up into my computer. I was able to run my 1TB WD Hard Drive, easily Get files off of my camera, transfer data from my SD card to my laptop, Charge my iPad and a 20,000mAh power bank. And there was no problem.

The TP-Link 9-Port USB 3.0 Hub is just fantastic.

The TP-Link 9-Port USB 3.0 Hub size is rather small for all the power that the Hub packs. But I did not see any problem with its size. To be clear, It also does not have to be plugged into the wall, but if you like to use the fast charging. I recommend plugging it in.

If you wish to use the TP-Link 9-Port USB 3.0 Hub at its maximum, you need to be sure that your device has at least one USB 3.0 port before purchasing. If not it will act as a standard Hub without the crazy speed. The TP-Link 9-Port USB 3.0 Hub is very light, and I think it is very portable. I also bought an Amazon Basics Travel Case for some of my small electronics and accessories for $10. And this it fits the hub and all of my accessories with no problem.

The Perfect Size

This makes it very convenient to have when I travel (which is all I do). Nothing about this Hub has let me down at all to this date. It works flawlessly without any problem. If I needed another one for my laptop, I would get another one of these because they are fantastic.

I initially got this for my PC since I did not have enough ports. Now that I have a this I am all set. Moreover, I personally prefer to use this over any conventional connectors. Because I can put this anywhere and have easier access on the go. It is good to know that the two charging ports are excellent, I have already offered it to my friends. Multiple times as they are able to use it if they need to charge their device without showing up on my computer.


Best of all, the extra power adapter is incredible. To ensures that the TP-Link 9-Port USB 3.0 Hub never run out of power in case I need fast charging for the USB devices that I have connected to it.

Personally, I Instant to set it up on my Mac at first but now I have it setup on Windows 10. I did not have to do anything to get the TP-Link 9-Port USB 3.0 Hub to work. It was just plug-and-play. I have used mice, keyboards, phone, game controllers, thumb drives, camera, printers, network adaptors and my Bluetooth dongles without any problem. It is a great product that works just as advertised.


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