Tiffen Black Pro-Mist Filter

The Tiffen Black Pro Mist Filter helps you to reduce the value of the highlights. On either photo or video while slightly lowering the overall contrast of the picture. This filter is particularly useful for smoothing out and softening some facial wrinkles and other blemishes at times as well. While designed for use with movies in most cases. This filter can also be helpful for fashion and beauty applications as well. Unlike some traditional diffusion or soft focus filter that you see. The Pro-Mist filters provide little loss of detail across your image.

The 1/4 density Tiffen Black Pro-Mist provides more contrast and highlight reduction than the 1/8 Pro-Mist Filter. But less than the 1/2 Pro Mist Filter, while still providing you a soft, pastel-like quality of lights.

Tiffen 72BPM18 72mm Black Pro-Mist 1/8 Filter review


  1. Reduces Highlights and Lowers Contrast
  2. Softens Wrinkles and Blemishes
  3. Creates a Soft Quality of Light
  4. ColorCore Technology

The Tiffen filters are manufactured using ColorCore technology. That is a process involving laminating the filters substrate between the two pieces of optical glass. And grinding flat to just tolerance of 1/10,000th of an inch (truly cool). Then mounting to precision metal rings for your camera.

Pro Mist Filter review
I quite like the look of the Tiffen Black Pro Mist filter.

Tiffen Black Pro-Mist provides a little loss of detail across the image. Compared to the traditional diffusion and your soft focus filters.
Especially it is useful for smoothing out and softening facial wrinkles and other blemishes.

Beside ND filters, a must have!

Tiffen Black ProMist Diffusion from The Tiffen Company on Vimeo.

It is easy to see why the Tiffen Black Pro-Mist has been such a success over the past 30 or so years.

The Tiffen Company

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