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The Unspillable Cup – Will It Work?

The Mighty Mug is the unspillable cup greatest mug for such price and will it work. This mug works well!! Don’t get me wrong; you can certainly knock this cup over. But, that’s only if you WANT to do that. All the basic accidental methods of knocking over a mug with minimal to a medium force applied to the sides do not cause the cup to tip over. You can slap the cup with a reasonable force, and it will not tip over. The secret to this mug is its suction that is on the bottom, and did I tell you how effortless it is to pick it up. I loved this mug so much, and also it is a great conversation piece.

I personally bought two more. The Unspillable Cup, however, the only downside is that I wished they would come in the double walled insulated thermos style and if they had a bit better quality. I personally pay more for the high-quality versions. However, this will do a pretty good job as a regular insulated mug and a drinking cup. I am looking to find some way to personalize them for my business and giving them away as promo items.

My Thoughts

These The Unspillable Cup or mugs are pretty cool. My only concern with it is the bottom suction cup mechanism (That is what keeps it stuck to your table till you pick it up straight) that gets dirty over time, and you have to rinse it off. Usually between each use is my recommendation.

The other issue is that this does not stick properly to certain tables, especially ones with polished wood. It requires a super smooth surface. The only other bummer is that the suction cup mechanism takes up a substantial 1/3rd of the size of the mug itself, which makes this pretty significant for an 11oz mug.

All that being said, I think it keeps drinks both hot and cold, and the sippy lid is lovely.