This is the only USB C Multiport adapter you EVER need

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USB C Hub Adapter 8-in-1 Combo with Ethernet Adapter

Apple is challenging all laptop users to adapt to their new fewer ports with the bold design of the new MacBook to use USB C Hub Adapter. With just one usb c multiport adapter you are all set. Apple is done with the USB 3.1, and I think the headphone jack is next. Apple did a similar trial with the first MacBook Air that was out in early 2008. That computer had just one USB 2.0 port and a micro-DVI port for the monitors.


The faster USB 3.1 port remains significant because it also can be used to recharge your MacBook. With the ability to connect with a variety of peripherals. That is like monitors, external storage drives, or printers, and even a camera. MacBook is one of the first devices to carry the all-new USB C port.

USB 3.1 will technically transfer data linking the host computers and peripherals with a maximum speed that can be up to 10Gbps. However, with the new USB C support. It all has changed, and you can transfer data at a very high speed. Also, users can flip cables and use both sides of it and not worry about plugging orientation.

Why Apple?

Apple incorporated one USB C port, ostensibly for lack of space. The MacBook PRO is very slim. With this implementation, Apple can save so much space and make it easy for all the users. Apple is apparently looking ahead with USB C, that also supports DisplayPort, VGA, HDMI, Ethernet protocols, and charging ability.

Here the things that you need to know about this USB C Hub and its futures

This usb c multiport adapter is small yet looks very firm and on point. They also use the high-quality material. I got this hub because I just got my new MacBook Pro 13-inch. As Apple often suggest the high quality of third-party accessories. I worried that those model USB C hub in the market may not be compatible with the new Macbook. However, this product claims that they work for the new MacBook model and it does not overheat. I have tried all the ports on this product, and they are working well now.


I don’t know if this product is durable in the long but as of now it works like a charm. My only concern for this product is that the cable is a bit hard and it may be easy to come off with long-term use.


I was personally looking for a USB C hub or a USB C Hub Adapter for my computer that offers versatile features at a fair price. This type C hub has many ports of different types, and I love it. This is very important for me as I like only to have one hub and is cheaper than those that are apple equivalents. But it does not feel cheap at all. It has a nice thick cable, so I do not have to worry about the durability and is excellent for adding other devices to my computers.

My Use;

I plugged it into the Mac, and it works within seconds, without any updates, problem or extra drivers. I have personally tried all the ports for my laptop, and especially the HDMI output works excellent. The speed is super fast; it takes only a few seconds to connect. USB ports, SD and micro SD card slots work flawlessly and at high speed.


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