The Meaning of Work, and What Job Will Make Me Happy

For many of us, our choices in life are profoundly influenced by our environments. We are born within a society that tells us how to select a career path, and we are often too naive to know any better. We are given a collection of rules and goals at an early age in our lives, and these rules frequently define our path in life. So, What job will make me happy? Let’s find out.

For example, I was born into a strict Persian household where I was anticipated to excel academically. Skipping college was not an option, but I did initially, and I was told that success consisted of getting good grades and finding an excellent stable career, but that was not for me until I understood what is it that I need.

  1. Stop Pretending
  2. Stop going from one to another
  3. Let Go of “Should” and “Can’t”
  4. Start Small

If you have been feeling confined and trapped in your job for a while now, there is no reason to keep pretending. Rather, think about what you would like to be doing and just take small steps to get there.

Change is never easy. However, it is a whole lot better than pretending. I Promise You.

My Thoughts 🙂

What Job Will Make Me Happy

Work: on its own, it can be a constant conflict. However, in reality, work is defined only by the person rendering its meaning. Today we see people working in various modes with endless possibilities. Some may consider today’s work as unorthodox. Still, in actuality, as Barry Schwartz mentioned in his interview, the goal is to make jobs meaningful, not to others but practically to ourselves.

The Idea To Discover

The idea is to discover a work that delivers results and recognition—explaining why four years ago when I started my YouTube channel, I observed myself and my work as remarkably good without any problems. However, today, almost four years later, I see nothing but problems. Before listening to Guy Raz’s podcast, I thought my work has progressed, and today I have information that I did not have before. I can now better edit my videos, have better sound equipment, and a fancier camera.

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Not What You Think

In reality, quite the opposite. What I was feeding myself was the people watching my work, liking what I had to say. This was the very motivation that I required to continue. It was not money considering the first years I did not make any; it was not the fame as I had very few followers, nor was the expertise as I had to learn from zero.

What pushed me during those endless hours of working on a single video was nothing but a result of one or two positive comments. For me, the meaning of work was defined in its struggle that could in the future be appreciated by others, even one person. I found satisfaction to know that my work is appreciated.

From The Other Side

What Job Will Make Me Happy
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As a career counselor, it is essential to see the meaning of true passion. After all, one of our crucial roles is to affirm awareness, yet we tend to ignore the very essence of our awareness called passion when associated with our work. Still asking what job will make me happy?

I was raised in a traditional family. My father would work six days a week from five in the morning till six in the afternoon. When I told him I love photography, he told me, “my dear child, have your job and keep your passion as a hobby. Hobbies do not pay the bills.”

Not to criticize my father but the former approach was the way, except it does not adhere to our society today. People now have choices. We are more productive when doing what we love—working on our passion rather than a meaningless job. It is essential to embrace our clients to pursue their passion and understand that the only limitation standing between them and their dream job is accepting their true feelings.


Regardless of our gender, male or female, what defines our capacity is the initiatives that drive us to succeed. Dame Stephanie “Steve” Shirley is a prime example of one individual taking the initiative instead of defeat.  William Glasser developed Reality Therapy’s idea that the goal is to focus on today and how important it is to experience it now. It is essential to understand that we are the driver in our life. We can take one step forward, backward, or remain still. To be productive, do what we truly desire, live a fulfilling life, look at our “now,” and move forward.

When working with clients with a lack of motivation, I tend to be influenced by Barry Schwartz’s idea. It is the end that makes work lose its motivation and become undesirable—the concept of instant gratification or satisfaction. The problem is not people not wanting to work, yet people wanting the Amazon of services. Today society is hooked on instant gratification.


Large corporates such as Amazon or Apple offer same-day deliveries have taught us nothing but immediate results eliminating the journey to earn something. The notion of instant gratification or immediate satisfaction. Thus, today’s generation who lack motivation need to understand that it is not about the money, instant gratifications, or result; instead, it is about the journey.

The ABC Model

I use the ABC model; in this model, “A” represents the clients “now” and “C” represents their “goal,” and “B” describes the “Journey.” The aim is not to fall in love with the “goal” but to fall in love with the “journey” to reach the “goal.” What job will make me happy? well it is the one that I love, control, and truly want.

The Muse by Lily Zhang

It’s important to be able to articulate your dream job. Not just for personal reasons, but also for when you’re asked about it


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