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The Best ND Filter In The World – Tiffen Variable ND Filter

To me, This Tiffen Variable ND Filter is worth every penny and it is The Best ND Filter in the world. The Tiffen Variable ND Filter saved me both time and money on various situations. With this, there is no need to change any filters, and it has gotten me through harsh daylight and severe lighting conditions. And also has allowed me to take the light down stops at a time as the light changed. however, be sure to watch your histogram.


I am not a pro photographer, but I do YouTube Videography and photography. I have always scheduled my outdoor shoots early in the morning or in the afternoon. Since I can then use 1 or 2 speed lights to get the light I want on my subjects. There have been many situations where I had to record during bright daylight. And I have had light issues with my camera, and I could not control my light.

Did I like it?

Recently, I made a move to this Variable Tiffen Variable ND Filter, and I love it. When I attached it to my Zeiss lens. I can achieve sharp focus at all time, and it happens at all levels of stops with it.

Perfect product for the money. Top Neutral Density filters is the best The Best ND Filter.