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Unboxing The All New MacBook PRO 2018

In this Unboxing MacBook PRO 2018, I like to post my review of this fantastic MacBook Pro from my point of view. I have to say that I both use a PC for my editing and Macs for my everyday use. This review of MacBook PRO 2018 Unboxing I wanted to put my laptop through the paces and tell you of my opinion on it.


I travel a lot, and the one piece that is always with me is my MacBook Pro. To me, the most critical factor is the solid build and the quality of a laptop. Personally having an MBP in the past, the metal build indeed presents a lot of confidence over the plastic bodies out there. For me, the unibody design and sturdiness is incredible. This MacBook has never let me down. As of the design, the hinge is solid, and it looks incredible. This is why I like to have the All New MacBook PRO 2018 Unboxing for you.

The Trackpad;

I have not seen anything more useful than the trackpad in my MacBook. Since the first day that it was released. After the MacBook PRO 2018 Unboxing, I looked at it as a masterpiece and enjoy it every time I use it. The response is super fantastic. It has a larger trackpad that I #love, and the palm rejection works too good!!! There are sometimes where it picks my palm but not enough even to say it otherwise. The larger size is beneficial as you never run into the end. Also, having every side as a clickable working area helps. Overall I have to give this function an A+.

The Weight of the New MacBook Pro.

The 3-inch model runs at 3 lb. 14.9 mm. And the 15-inch model 4 lb. 15.5 mm. For me personally, the 13 inch is a perfect size with a fantastic feel. However, If you like more power and are looking to use it for gaming, editing and like the large screen the 15-inch MacBook is a dream come true. Honestly how much lighter does this laptop really need to be. For me it is perfect. Also, after the so many times that I have been throwing this laptop around. Including in and out of my bag, it feels considerably light, and it makes me almost want to dance with it. It is just simply perfect.

Apple and its Global Compatability

For me, this is something I did not consider at all till it something went wrong. I remember being in France for a conference and my iPhone battery died the night before, and my phone was not working at all. However, with just a phone call I got an appointment at an apple store. After 20 minutes of talking to a tech he replaced my phone with a new one, and I was on my way. Simultaneously, if I run out of battery, I know that there is always someone with a charger. Lol, this is just amazing.

The Screen of the MacBook PRO 2018 Unboxing

After the MacBook PRO 2018 Unboxing, I was surprised by the color and how good the screen looks. Now the new screens have P3 colors. This has been an advantageous in additional colors ranges. I previously could not see such details in my MacBook Pro. Especially I have to add that in the spectrum department where over saturation tends to happen the most.

Fans of the New MacBook Pro 2018

My previous Mac had the fans come on a lot more often than this one. No matter how hard I play and edit on this device with various programs running in background and multi-tasking, this New MacBook Pro 2018 stays quiet. It is as there is no fan in this computer.

Touch Bar of the New MacBook Pro 2018

The touch bar is just amazing. I did not think it would help, but after using it for a bit of time, I am in love. Most of the time my eyes are just glued to the touch bar. It is suitable for every app out there in the Mac.

The All-New Butterfly Keys

The butterfly keys are like magic. When you use them, you will love them, but you sometimes hate them. It is a duality of confusion. I have had some minor issues with specific keys sticking at times. Especially in certain conditions such as humid climates or being on the planes. But the feel is amazing, and this happens only once or twice a year. And it is an easy fix.

Conclusion on My Unboxing The All New MacBook PRO 2018

MacBook PRO 2018 Unboxing. I think this is the perfect laptop all around. It has pros and cons, just like everything else in the market. But I guess other laptops are not there are in the same boat.

I love this laptop even before buying it because on paper; it looked amazing and had great internal components.