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how to start a YouTube channel, Why should you start a YouTube channel and how can it help you? these are not a hard question to answer and if you take your time you can learn a lot and change your life. Start today and make a change.


We live in a world where everyone is extremely busy and doesn’t have time to read all the articles posted on a daily basis. We have a limited time to capture information, and that’s why we turn to videos. Usually, videos are around 2-3 minutes long or maybe a bit more, but they encapsulate the information in a proper way. That allows us to better understand the topic and access all the necessary information in more ways than one. And that’s why creating a YouTube channel does make a lot of sense. YouTube is the largest video platform out there, so if you want to share some ideas with the world, this is the right place to do it.

Why should you start a YouTube channel?

This is a good question, and as you can imagine the answer will differ for each person based on his/her own needs. The idea here is pretty simple; you create a YouTube channel in order to share your ideas. People fail to realize how important YouTube is. The fact that you can reach millions of people with a single video is insane. YouTube also has the potential to transform you into the influencer, but at the same time, it does require a lot of work and commitment to reach that point!

You create the YouTube channel because you want to share your ideas, but at the same time, you want to figure out the type of videos you want to create. You want to share informative videos, or do you want to focus more on analyzing stuff that happens in the world and so on.

Plus, YouTube channels can pertain to a variety of niches. Normally you want to have a channel where you can talk about what you know, your hobbies and what you like the most. And that really works most of the time. But you have to adapt it the right way so you can obtain the best results.

You also have to think about the audience. Does your audience agree with the information you share? Study the market first and then figure out if the approach you used is actually worth it. After all, lots of YouTube channels fail because they just deliver content day in and day out without really offering any value. Knowing what the audience wants is very important, and it can do wonders for you in the end.

Can you get rich with YouTube?

A lot of people go with the idea that YouTube is the best way to become rich fast, so they just roll with it and try to create content to get rich. While the potential to earn a lot of money on YouTube is there, the reality is that you can’t expect success overnight with something like this. It requires a lot of work and commitment to achieve the results you expect from this. And while there are always some challenges along the way, the reality is that you do need to put a lot of hard work and dedication into this. Not everyone realizes that YouTube is a real job, one that requires you to spend hours recording and even more hours editing your videos.

Yet if you want to achieve success and you are dedicated, the success will be there for you. But you have to enter all of this with the right expectations. As long as you understand that you won’t get rich fast with this, you will be more than ok. But it can certainly take a while for you to achieve all of that. As long as you are committed and focused, nothing will ever stand in your way. But as we mentioned already, you need to be consistent; you have to offer value to your audience if you want them to come back.

And in the YouTube world, the audiences are everything. Without them, you won’t be able to do anything. You need to get as many subscribers that watch your videos every time if you want to make money from the platform.

Sure, it can be a profitable job, but it’s also one that comes with a lot of stress and plenty of work hours. While it does look amazing, it comes with its fair share of challenges along the way. And that’s why you need to put a lot of time into YouTube if you want to reach success here.

But even if you do put tons of time, the reality is that not everyone is going to succeed on the platform. There are plenty of people that work day in and day long to create videos, yet they barely get any views. The reason here is that you need to know what people are looking for, what videos deliver more views and so on. The internet nowadays is all about views and getting the best possible results and experience. As long as you pay a lot of attention to that, the experience will be a very exciting one, so try to consider that.

Think about the competition

Every place where there’s a lot of potentials to make money you will be able to find plenty of people trying their best to get a piece of that benefit. So yes, there are tons of competitors on YouTube that do the same thing you do. So you have to wonder, what can you do that makes you stand out of the competition? First, you need to stand out by having a great personality and by offering people something that they can’t find in other YouTubers.

Basically, you have to create your style, and you need to stick to that the best way that you can. You also need to be yourself. Trying to copy someone that already has success on the platform will not be ok. You want to show people that you can be yourself, that you have the creativity and information they need. Plus, your channel can be different by offering fun, education and a variety of features in a single package. The possibilities are indeed limitless. Just try to avoid copying others. You can’t reach success by copying others; you need innovation. This applies to everything in life, including YouTube.

Collaborate with others

At some point, people will be tired of seeing the same format. They want something new and fresh from you. So you do have to deliver. This is where collaborations come into play. Collaborations are good because they allow your YouTube channel to get free promotion on other channels. Even the larger channels do it, so why not try to do that yourself anyway? But then again, that means you need to talk with others that have a similar interest and which are ok with collaborating. Naturally, everyone should be ok with this because it offers only benefits and there are no drawbacks to something like this. While it’s certainly not ideal to rely your channel solely on collaborations, it’s still a good option and one that you should consider the best way that you can.

Uploading new videos

As we mentioned earlier, YouTube isn’t a website that gives you overnight success. You have to create videos, and you need to be consistent. You can’t reach overnight success here, instead, you have to create new content all the time, and you need to offer people a reason to come back. Just like Google, YouTube algorithms like channels that create content often and which bring people a reason to come back.

You’re not required to upload daily, but you will see that most of the major channels do that. And it’s for a good reason. They want to stay up there, and they want to deliver consistency in the long term. The problem here is that you have to spend a lot of time coming up with new ideas and creating that content. It takes a lot of time to achieve goals like this, but the outcome can be a good one if you’re creative. That’s why you need to create a schedule and upload as often as you can. It’s not going to be easy for sure, but it’s by far one of the best options to consider at this time.

How much time do you need to spend on video creation?

Again, this is up to you. The YouTube channel videos can be simple, or they can be complex. It’s up to you to figure out the type of videos you want to do and how often you want to upload. But once you start uploading these, you have to be consistent. As we said earlier, this is a job just like anything else out there. It’s not a simple thing for sure, but it can be tricky, and it does come with its fair share of challenges along the way. But it can certainly be worth it, and you should consider that the best way that you can.

Patience is crucial if you want to start your YouTube channel. A lot of people are impatient, and they want 100000 subscribers in a few days. That’s not going to happen. The hardest thing you can do is to obtain 1000 subscribers, as the numbers will get higher and higher the more people you get. Sharing and other things like that will make it easier for you to acquire higher subscriber numbers. But as we said, you need to keep your expectations straight here. It will take a lot of time to achieve good results with your website, and you have to take your time with it the best way that you can. It’s a good opportunity, but you have to work hard to achieve everything.

Measuring your success

Your YouTube channel has analytics and a plethora of tools you can use to figure out how successful you are. It’s certainly not that easy to get people interested in your stuff, especially since it’s hard for you to get their attention. But you do have the analytics; you can understand what they like, dislike and other similar stuff. So you do have all the information needed to complete the process meaningfully. It all comes down to you to study all the potential options and figure out how fast you can complete everything. Rest assured that there’s plenty of work to be done in there, but it’s worth the effort.

So, can you make a living on YouTube?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not that complicated to create a YouTube channel. It requires just a few minutes or maybe an hour if you want to be detailed about it. But the challenge comes from delivering content to the audience, content that’s valid, professional and worth the time of each user. That’s the problem, if your content isn’t high quality, people migrate to other places. And rest assured that there are tons of people in the same industry as you that try to get viewers.

So you really need to do your best when you create content for people in the online world. It goes to show that it can take a while until you reach the best results, but it will totally be worth it in the end. Just try to consider all of these things when you create your YouTube channel. Yes, it can be a lucrative way to earn money online, that’s a fact. But it’s not ideal, and it doesn’t offer you amazing benefits in any way.

However, it can provide you with a way to earn a good income, and things can only get better as you go along. You do have to promote your website as much as possible, and you have to work hard to achieve your day to day goals. But it’s definitely worth the effort, and you will be extremely impressed with the results as long as you stick to it. While it’s a job like any other at the end of the day, being a YouTube channel owner offers you great benefits. But you have to work hard to get up there with the major earners. It’s not something that will make you rich right away!