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The Most Advanced Headphones of 2018?

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Is The Sony WH-1000X M3 The Most Advanced Headphone of 2018?

the Sony headphone is one of the most talked about headphones in 2018.

One of the most advanced headphones in 2018 that can provide you clear audio and high-quality noise cancellation technology. However, after extensive review and testing, I was very disappointed with the quality of sound and the comfort that Sony provides with this headphone. Thus going back to my Bose QC 35 II as mentioned in my previous review I think the best headphone in 2018 is not the Sony, and I have to give it to Bose once more.

The New Sony

The Brand-new Sony Bluetooth wireless headphone with noise canceling technology has created a lot of buzz recently. Personally, when I saw the commercial for this headphone I was super excited. But I had my doubts; I knew that the last version of the Sony headphones was not as good as they said. And I never went to try it. But this year Sony has made a lot of significant changes to their headphone with quite a bit of improvement over the last generation noise-canceling headphones that they made.

I did get them;

So it was time for me to try them and I found a great deal on Amazon to get the refurbished Sony M3 for a fraction of the cost at $199 about $150 lower than the actual price. However, when I received it, it was not as glorious as I taught. Right off the bat, I had a problem connecting it to my phone, and I knew it wasn’t because of the hardware malfunction since I did all the troubleshooting and compared it to a brand-new Sony headphone that my friend has got. It was all software related, and I knew some of this problem could be fixed over time, but as of now, I was not happy.

Also, the cup of the headphone felt too small for me, and it was creating too much pressure over my head. After using the headphone for two hours, I had a bad headache, and to me, that is a big problem. One thing I like about my previous headphone was the ability to put them on for an extended period without worrying about any pressure to my head. However, with this Sony headphone, you will feel the pressure. In the same note, I believe these headphones are only good for winter. Since they make your ear boiling hot after wearing them for about 30 minutes.

What I think of them

Personally, I use my headphone when I’m writing the train station, and to me, comfort is the number one priority. And number two is the noise cancellation ability. As far as noise cancellation I have to say that Sony has done a pretty good job isolating the sound unmasking the sound in your environment. However, when it comes to comfort, I had some serious issues with this quality. Also, I did not enjoy the fact that every time I had to use my headphone I had to deal with the app. And the app is not fully developed, and he lacks some major functionality.

So this time I decided to go with my old generation the Bose QC 35 II and maybe the next generation Sony will make me stop wanting to use the Bose quality headphone, but until then I’ll check you guys in the next one.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 make the world melt away around you.







Summary For the last few years, Sony has been hot on the heels of rival Bose, working hard to create the ultimate noise-canceling headphone. And with the WH-1000XM3 -- priced at $350, £330 or $AU499 -- it's finally done it but it has some major problems that I will not use it.

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