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UX Series All-Purpose Digital Recorder

After doing 60 hours of examination and testing my top 10 voice recorders over the past five years in real-world settings, college classroom, noisy coffee shop, and a quiet office space I’ve determined that the Sony UX560 is the best digital audio recorder for most people that are interested in capturing audio for meetings, lectures, dictation, productivity, and in-person interviews is the Sony UX560. So, it records the clearest sound of all the recorders I have tested and offers the most useful set of features: It’s rechargeable via USB; it has a great legible, backlit screen; and its menu system is truly the easiest to navigate.

The UX560 is just similar to the previous version that is now-discontinued by Sony. In a new round of testing at the beginning of 2020. The UX560 has received the highest ratings from our panel of testing listeners. It produces clear, understandable audio in a classroom setting, quiet office room, and in a noisy coffee shop settings. This product also can offer a better collection of features than the other models I tested. With an easy-to-navigate menu system, and a bright backlit screen.

The Sony UX560 gives you 39 hours of recording time in MP3 format, 27-hour battery life, plus voice-activated recording setting to pause and restart after silences, and a popout USB 3.0 connector that allows you recharge the recorder and transfer files to a computer quickly. Like many of the other recorders I looked at, it comes with a sufficient amount of internal storage (4 GB) but accepts microSD cards so that you can record and save hundreds of hours of recorded audio. The UX560 is also the slimmest recorder we tested at a 0.43 inch thick it can easily fit in a pocket. Here is my original review

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Sony ICDUX560BLK Stereo Digital Voice Recorder with Built-in USB with 32GB microSD and KnoxGear Hard Carrying case
Sony Stereo Digital Voice Recorder 
  • Pros: lightweight; Fast powers up; sound quality; records in LPCM; 3.5mm mic input; plug-in power; and crisp LCD screen.
  • Cons: Built-in battery; only 4GB of onboard memory; the Sony UX560 screen is a bit hard to read in direct sunlight.
  • Verdict: Amazing little voice recorder that’s perfect for recording interviews, focus groups, and even lectures.
Mic input
4GB built-in memory


Can you rewind while recording and resume without it splitting the recording into 2 files?

No. Definitely, not an option since there’s no virtual recording while you rewind so if you do that, the recording stops and then you’ll have to start recording again.

Does this voice recorder have speakers?

Yes, with the built-in speaker that will do the playback.
Please review the link under “Listen”

Can you rewind easily for dictation?


Will this recorder play WMA format?


Can u back up a little at a time yo catch something u missed?

Not only that, but you can slow it down or speed it up without changing the pitch! Very cool.

How long can you record at a time? I need to be able to record 3 hours in one session.

I am able to use this Sony UX560 continuously for over 8 hours.

Do you need a dictaphone? If you travel to a lot of lectures, seminars, meetings, conferences or interviews, you’ve probably been relying on your phone’s voice recorder to make recordings. So why buy the Sony ICD-UX560?