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Fastest Memory Card In 2018 the all new SONY SDXC UHS-II. After purchasing my brand new Sony a9, we all know that it is capable of a blistering 20 fps in E shutter using the all-new UHS-II cards by Sony.

However, Sony decided only to include one single UHS-II Card slot!?!? But Still, this is a vast improvement over the previous generation of cards, and we love it.

I have been using my Sony A7r III and Sony a9 with this, and I am pleased with the result both in speed and performance. We have explicitly tested read and write speeds, and it is crazy fast, and the SONY SDXC UHS-II card has kept up with the camera with no problem. By using a dedicated high-speed reader made by Kingston that supports up to 5 GBs, so the card is the bottleneck though blazing fast for transferring data compared to my other 100 MB/s cards. The SONY SDXC UHS-II is the Fastest Memory Card In 2018 substantially faster in my real-world use.

The SONY SDXC UHS-II might seem a bit pricey. However, for the performance, it is in my opinion worth it, and until other options come up that can potentially deliver at this speed. The SDXC UHS-II is the best ways to maximize your high-performance camera and both imaging and video applications.


This is the best card I own regarding speed. Used on my HP Spectre x360 internal UHS-II SD slot and it achieves 240MB/s read and writes (considering the limitation of the internal UHS-II slots) – NOT a restriction by the sony card. I have tested MANY V90 cards, and the Sony G 128GB is by far faster than any option out there, usually by a factor of 2 or sometimes 3. The only thing that I wish for is that if Sony would make this official and have the card respond with V90 certification to truly unlock its potential in V90 cameras. Based on our testing, this should pass with flying colors and show at LEAST a V240 class or probably higher.

At the time of this testing, we did not have any UHS-II compatible device available to test the capabilities of this card. I have done some tests to see the exact read and write speeds we can expect from these cards.




Tests were performed using the following configuration:

CPU: Intel i7 4770K at 3.5 GHz;

Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth Z87;

Video Card: Nvidia GTX 770;

RAM: Corsair 32 GB DDR3 at 1600 MHz;

SSD: Kingston Hyper X Savage of 240 GB;

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit;