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MZH60-1, MZW 60-1 Blimp Windscreen, and MZS 20-1

Must have Sennheiser Shotgun Microphone Accessories or The best Sennheiser accessories:

  1. Sennheiser MZH60-1
  2. Sennheiser MZW60-1 Blimp
  3. MZS20-1 Shock-mount Pistol Grip

Lightweight and Rugged Protective Basket Excellent Suppression for Wind Noise Easily mounts to any Sennheiser. The MZS 20-1 Pistol Grip-Shock Mount Compatible with Sennheiser MZH60-1. Wind Muff for High-Velocity Wind Put your Sennheiser’s MZH60-1 long hair wind muff on your MZW20-1. Blimp windscreen and you have got a broadcast – film setup that’s ready for anything. These are the best Sennheiser accessories.

The Sennheiser name is synonymous with “excellence quality,” and this MZH60-1 muff is perfect for your Sennheiser accessories. When you’re working in less-than any ideal conditions, or if your shot requires heavy weather to come off effectively. One must need the right accessories for the job, not just a good microphone.

That’s what makes the Sennheiser accessories a must-have part of your setup!

MZS20-1 Shockmount with Pistol Grip for K6 Series;

Sennheiser MZW60-1 Blimp Windscreen for MZS20-1 Combo Mount/Grip/Stand;