Sennheiser MKH416 The Best Shotgun Condenser Microphone

I use this mic exclusively to help with my YouTube and do voice-overs. At first, I was scared of getting a fake microphone. However, when the mic arrived, I contacted Sennheiser with the microphones serial number. Sennheiser not only confirmed the microphone was authentic, but they also confirmed that Amazon was an authorized reseller and provided me the date of manufacture and original sale.

The Sennheiser is a fantastic piece of equipment. Since buying this microphone, I have learned that you need to have one of these bad boys in your arsenal if you want to give yourself the competitive advantage in the voice over field. Voice over is a tough world, and the first thing any potential clients pay attention to is your studio sound and quality. If all things are equal, but your studio doesn’t match up to competitors, you don’t get the job. So don’t think of it as letting go of a grand. You should Think of this microphone as an investment that could pay for itself by snagging just one right job. This microphone is used in the making of motion pictures, and Television shows all over. It’s already a historical mic.