Self Forgiveness by Manipulation of Unconscious Memory

Forgive yourself. It is easy for us to say it. But it can be much harder to do! We all can make mistakes, whether it is lashing out, engaging in self-destructive behavior, or simply cutting corners at work. With those mistakes often, we develop overwhelming feelings. Such as guilt, shame, sadness, Self-condemnation, and Humiliation. These emotions can, at times, lead to negative emotions. Stress, depression, anxiety disorders, and even heart disease, if ignored, are few to mention. Not exactly the formula for a happy life!

It is time for us to stop and reevaluate our lives, discover new approaches to battle our emotions, and rediscover our true selves. The concept of rediscovery can be a challenging and emotionally demanding process. However, remember that we are strong, we have our willpower, and together with our desire to be happy and healthy, we can transform our thought process through Unconscious Memory Manipulation.

Self Forgiveness Step One

It is time to talk about your problem and find out how, who, when, and where it was. When it comes to our past, silence can be dangerous. So stop pretending and face your problem. Free yourself from the bondage of holding it all into yourself and start the self-forgiveness process.

Talk about what is giving you trouble and face it. Expressing our emotions can make us feel free, and it could lift some negative emotions from our thoughts. Forgiveness starts if one truly becomes honest and vulnerable about the good and the bad. So start and say what you need to say.

Develop realistic expectations.

Evaluate your expectations (and others). Are they healthy? Or is it unrealistic? If you ever find yourself not being capable to measure up, no matter how hard you try, you may just need to change a few things in your approach. Healthy expectations are possible and fulfilling, not draining and overwhelming.

Manipulation of Unconscious Memory

Through the Manipulation of Unconscious Memory, we can change our past and create a new memory set for ourselves. The process of self forgiveness. We must first recognize the true problem and look at what we can do. It is not easy to face our problems but to fix our situation and clear our past. We have to start by rediscovering our problems and recreate our emotions.

Just picture your life as a book and imagine that you are halfway within your book. Our future is the half that we have not seen, and our past (Unconscious Memory in this case) are the pages that we have finished. Now we must become the master creator of our mind and rewrite our past by creating an alternative version of it.

However, there is one problem. We can furthermore access our past by simply flipping pages in our book and revisit what we have learned. To combat this, we have to cross each section of our book one line at a time. So from now, every time your negative thoughts comes to you, try your best to alter it and make it yours. If you have a problem and want a more in-depth strategy, watch my video, and follow it. I hope this can help make your life just a bit better and improve your thinking.

We all have the right to be happy, healthy, and free. Just take one step at a time.

No one deserves self forgiveness more than you do. You are exceptional in every way, and you are unique. I am sure that with your determination. You can become what you want and forgive yourself for whatever you are suffering from in life.

How To Forgive Yourself and Let Go


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