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Today we have a different type of review when it comes to Pixel 5 than anything out there. I will reveal to you a different review of the Pixel 5. I will share with you why this phone and this company is the only company that I will choose when it comes to my mobile phone that I carry with me all the time. On top of that, if you stick around till the end, I will share with you a giveaway that you can participate in, and maybe you can win yourself a Pixel 5.

First and foremost, I’m not going to share any specs with you guys when it comes to Pixel five because that’s just a waste of your time and waste of my time. We don’t want to do that; we want to be sufficient, and we want to be on point.

First of all, this phone, I did not purchase this Pixel 5. This phone was sent to me by Google and their new way of looking at headphones, the all-new Pixel Buds. The main reason that I think this is phone is right for you guys is that as an average consumer, this phone offers everything that one may ask. The first question we have to ask ourselves is, What do we want in a phone? We want to install and use any apps on the app store and have it run smoothly, communicate, be reliable, and have 5g connectivity, regardless of what carrier you choose. We want it to have a bright screen and massive storage; well, Google does all of that and more.

Google, Apple, Samsung, LG, and even Nokia do that; moreover, nearly all company does this in 2020. These newly released phones have their way of looking at their technology to deliver all these futures to customers. But there is one key feature missing when it comes to picking out phones, especially in 2020, and that is the “budget.” A lot of these companies charge you for stuff that you will never use. And personally, that bothers me.

If you bring my iPhone, Samsung, or LG or get my Google Pixel phone and run the same app on all of those devices. Believe it or not, when using side by side, I don’t see any difference. The only difference is your preference.

What do you prefer?

Do you prefer for your operating system to be iOS? Or do you prefer it to be Android? Now, after you picked your battle, and hepatically you settled on Android. Now, what matters is the concept of choice. When it comes to Samsung, for example, every year, Samsung releases almost ten phones. But if you’re going to upgrade it, or if you want to get the latest and greatest, you have to drop thousands of dollars. And it just doesn’t feel right.

I feel like these companies are trying to trap you into this paradox that this is how you’re supposed to live. This is what you’re supposed to choose. And hey, if you don’t select this model versus that model, there is something wrong with you. Let’s look at Apple; they have a different type of iPhone that is out there. If you have the iPhone Pro Max, you’re the cool kid on the block; if you have iPhone Pro, you are okay; if you have iPhone SE or the other models, they have, well, then you are the poor kid the block. There is a separation between people; these companies try to separate people. I wouldn’t say that I like that. I’m not saying that this is their model, and they might have their reasoning behind it. But I think it is wrong what they do.

I like a company that has just one product and sees everyone as equal with no other variation. This is how it is with Google Pixel 5. With Pixel, there is no additional storage or variation. It’s just a straightforward phone that you can have that does everything and works just right.

On top of that, this amazing phone in its small size and form factor comes with everything you want. You could ask for anything that comes from a high-speed refresh rate with a great camera that provides you with 5g connectivity. If you’re going to get a 5g phone with 5g connectivity, it will cost you thousands of dollars, but not with Google.

With Google, it’s one simple low price. Also, you don’t have to upgrade your phone every five months or every six months. You stick to it, and it just works. Even my older Pixel does an outstanding job.

What is missing?

When I received this phone, some stuff was lacking and missing. The Face Recognition was lacking. That used to be a useful feature, and I’m not going to deny that I genuinely missed face recognition. But that’s the only thing that is missing, and On top of that.

One more thing that is missing from this device is the headphone jack. I don’t use headphones that much. But having a headphone jack was an outstanding option for those times that I had to connect something to it. But that rarely happens nowadays. These are the only two negative points when it comes to my Pixel 5.

Other than these two minor things, the fingerprint sensor is quite fast, and it just works. I think that this phone may not work for everybody. If you believe that your phone is your status, then, by all means, you could choose a different option. But I, for me, when companies treat me not as a customer but as a person and don’t differentiate between us, I am super happy. Also, did I say that this phone works excellently?

I’ve been using my Google Pixel 5 for a couple of weeks. I originally intended to publish this post long ago. But unfortunately, my camera broke. Furthermore, and I was dealing with some family emergency with everything that is going on. So it took a bit for me to upload this video. But I have to say over the past couple of weeks as I have been using this phone. I have nothing to complain about regarding my Pixel 5. This is the best phone that I have ever used. It does everything that I wanted it, and the new background wallpapers are just mesmerizing. They have so many unique styles for those fun wallpapers that you don’t recognize that the camera hole is up there.

How cool is this?

One other thing that I enjoy about this phone is its cover. The Pixel 5 cover is just taking it to a whole new level regarding protecting and protecting your device. It is so cool; it feels great holding it in my hand. I like the color that they add to it. They have this lovely light orange color that pops up. I love it.

But if you guys like this phone, and you’d like to get one for yourself, head over to my Instagram @atreef. I will link it down below. On my Instagram, I have a post there. Just make sure to follow the instruction, and on the 15th of November, I will pick a winner from all of those who have entered, and I will send you your own Pixel 5.

This, to me, is a revolutionary device. I love the simplicity of it. I love how compact it is. It’s not too big. It’s not too small. It does everything that I want. It’s 5g. So what else do you want? As always, thank you for watching, and I’ll check you guys on the next one.

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