Looking For Best Budget Android Phone In 2020

Pixel 4 and its bigger brother Pixel 4 XL might be a few months old, but a lot has happened since it was released in 2019. Motorola has announced its first foldable phone. Samsung revealed its new S20 series, also the OnePlus 8 and 8 PRO where debuted recently. So, if you are looking For Best Budget Android Phone In 2020, the Pixel 4 Review is what you need.

But Pixel 4 has changed as well over the past few months, receiving several new software updates making it more capable, and with its price. It is still making a difference.

So, the question that remains is: should you still buy the Pixel 4 in 2020? 

If you ask me, then the short answer for many people right now is YES. But here are some factors that you should consider.

When it comes to the Hardware: Well, for the price it is outstanding.

Let’s get this straight; we should not compare this phone to S20-Ultra-5G or the Motorola Razr for its obvious reasons. But for its class, Pixel 4 is a powerful machine. With both models running a Snapdragon 855 processor that is paired with a 6GB RAM, a beautiful Large AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. This is truly the Best Budget Android Phone.

Equipped with a 64 or 128 GB of on board internal storage making it a great option for many of us looking for a phone that dose all just about anything you throw at it.

My Thoughts

Honestly The key difference between the Pixel 4 and other flagship smart phone released this year is its processor.

Pixel 4 uses Snapdragon 855 that was made in 2019 while phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 use the newer Snapdragon 865 chip.

But remember that the only massive difference between the two models is that one supports 5G, and the other does not. But if I honest, the 5G support from many carriers is not that great anyway at least by the time of making this video.

When it comes to its battery, the Pixel 4 runs a 2800 mAh and the Pixel 4 XL uses a 3700 mAh battery. So, if you are a person that likes to use your phone all day then I think you may need an external power bank or just go with the Pixel 4 XL for all day use.

Pixel 4 Just looking hot and sexy | Best Budget Android Phone

Now when in terms of storage the Pixel 4 lacks the SD card option that many other phones offer in its class, but I think for day to day tasks, and normal use with addition of your cloud options such as one-drive or dropbox, you will not feel left out.

Now, when it comes to its camera, personally, I am in love, I have never used a camera on a phone that takes picture as good as this phone and the cherry on the top is its astrophotography option that is just super cool. 

I think the Pixel 4 did an outstanding job on its camera development, both in terms of hardware and software. 

The Pixel 4 runs a 12MP camera plus a 16MP telephoto camera on its back, and in front, it is rocking an 8MP camera that just looks amazing when taking those sexy selfies.


The biggest selling factor is the Software that is just better than ever. Making it for me the Best Budget Android Phone.

Pixel 4 is a phone made by Google running android, and Google makes android, so when it comes to Software, Google made sure that this phone runs buttery smooth. It runs the latest version of Android-10 with many extra software features on top of it, such as super-fast Google Assistant, Custom themes, and even motion tracker for those cool air gestures, that are just super fun to use. 

Also, you should know that when it comes to security, this phone receives monthly security updates faster than any other phone making it extra secure.

Google is continuously sending new software updates standing by its product and its user experience, proving the devotion that they have to us as the consumers.

And when it comes to the price comparing this phone to other phones made by Samsung or Apple, the price is just right starting at 799 for Pixel 4 and 899 for the Pixel 4 XL with even monthly payment option that start as low 33.29 a month. 

The Pixel 4 XL (left) and the Pixel 4. | Sarah Tew/CNET

Final Word

So, if you have no limit on your budget and you want to have the latest and greatest this may not be the right phone for you. but, if you are on a budget and you are looking for a phone that stands out, works great and looks absolutely outstanding with great features than the Pixel 4 or the 4 XL just might be the right phone for you.

Google Pixel 4 Review: A New Way to Interact with Your Phone

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