Perfect White Balance Every Time – 1 Step To Perfect Photography The Right Way
After I played with Gary Fong Color Reference Kit Color Control Disk (White/Gray) and figured out how to use the camera settings on my Sony A7ii correctly, the results of my recording at the correct color temperature were outstanding. There was no more guessing at what my setting had to be. Previously I had only been off by about 500 degrees, but now I am right on track, and the difference is amazing. An additional minor will benefit of the domes is you can see the large variations in the lighting in the test picture.

If you are NOT SHOOTING IN RAW; they are jpg. That means the better the color settings are in the original file, the better the output color will be, and the same is for video. I always used a gray card for the post, but getting the color temp correct up front, esp for video is an incredible improvement. Compared to a few other devices, I love the domes because you can use them on any lens and they are simply indestructible.

Overall, I love this product, and I highly recommended to all of you. Using it lets me stick to lower flash settings because light isn’t spilling out the top of my subject and myself where I don’t need it, and it’s kissing the subject, producing a much more natural.

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