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I think you should get this Secure WiFi Router now. Today internet is the need of every individual in every field of life. Whether you are at home or at the office. An advanced router is that technological device which can provide you with seemingly consistent and fast internet usage .So Buy a Router that you love. Some of the well-engineered routers have succeeded in delivering the top-notch quality internet speed and other services (of course with some backlashes) but there are some things that they all lack in. SO, what are these things that they lack or they can’t succeed in providing this to the users. So, what are these specific things that the other routers in the market can’t offer but the pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure Wi-Fi Router can?

These particular things are,

  1. Advanced manual control
  2. Optimum security
  3. Complete Parental Control
  4. Ultimate control over who collects/view your data online (with or without permission)

pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router

Internet providers now have the power to consume out the information from their users that most of the times users will not like to disclose. The major problem is that they steal that information without the users’ consent or sometimes trick them into giving them some details for permission that does not tell the whole story. They steal the users’ information for multiple purposes, and that’s not just right. To control all websites, companies or even your internet providers that intentionally or unintentionally steal your information the pvWRT Secure WiFi Router comes in the game.

The technologically advanced and new pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router have tons of other great features, and we will discuss them all down here. This router is best for the users who want to keep full control of their internet and the people who use their internet. No router on the planet is designed better than the new pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router.

Router initial setup

To discover more about this entrepreneurial router and to go through an extensive wifi router review let us begin the show.

Buy this product from Amazon right now and get this amazing thing to your home and level up your internet surfing venture. Once you have purchased it and the product is at your doorstep, then all you need to do is open it up carefully, and there will be a user manual, read it thoroughly as this user manual will guide you tremendously. Moreover, there isn’t much of the technical job you will have to perform to set this piece of the tech set up.

So easy!

Once you have gone through the user’s guide which is pretty concise and simple, you will be able to put a couple of wires in their places successful. Believe me, you will not need a tech guy to set you up this device, the setting up of this device is as easy as setting up a DVD player. Attach the wires of the internet service provider with the secure Wi-Fi router and get everything attached and running with your personal computer or laptop.

Turn on your computer/laptop, put in the specified IP address, create and modify your account and after that you will be the rockstar of your internet at home or your office. With all being said, you have now set up your new pcWRT router and now let me tell you further what you can achieve with this fantastic secure wifi router.

The core pros of the pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router

  • A compact dual-band sleek designed Dual band router
  • This router can quickly work with your computer and other devices after a compact technical configuration.
  • A perfect standalone router and can also work in conjunction with your previous old router. But we prefer to use it alone as it is the best standalone router with the characteristic of best wifi router for long range.
  • An advanced internet scheduling for all of your internet devices and most importantly your smart TV.
  • Ultimate control over who watches your internet usages statistics and users personal data.
  • A complete block to Smart TV snooping.
  • A complete choice control from multiple DNS-based content filters and much more…


Now, let’s get into the features of the pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router specifically from one by one. But before we go into the details about the specific qualities and characteristics of the router, there are some of the things, or you can say problems we would love to share with you people.

Are you worried, what your kids do during all the long hours they spend on their computer or smartphone online? You are afraid of what they are watching or who they are talking with? Or you want to know what are your employees watching on their computers?

Buy router!

Well, parents and entrepreneurs, you have to buy router, pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router. And install it on your tech whether it is Windows, Android, MAC OS and iOS device your children are using. It will surely take some of the effort from your side to set the software by your side. But at the end, you’d get complete control and utmost monitoring on whoever use internet from that secure wifi router.

Controlling of the web usage from the PlayStation of your kids can also be monitored after some skilled technical configuration. And once you go through the details provided on the router’s official website, you can do it yourself. Buy Router that you like.

Now, let us talk about the main features of the pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router

  1. The affordable price tag of just 129 Dollars and is the Best budget router in 2018
  2. Free shipping all over the United States and other countries as well.
  3. The technologically advanced pcWRT secure WiFi Router is manufactured by the bigXi LLC.
  4. Equipped with advanced wireless Connectivity Technology
  5. Up to 1,200 Mb per second Data Transfer Rate – Faster than any of the advanced routers in the market.
  6. The robust Dual-Band Frequency Bands Supported
  7. The modem has dimensions of 8 x 5.5 x 1 in – which is pretty sleek and elegant.
  8. The Weight of 1 lb
  9. The Best budget router in 2018 comes with 4 Ethernet ports. Which will fulfil all of your ethernet tasks at home.
  10. Total number of LAN Ports are 4
  11. Dual Band Secure WiFi Router with Wireless Compatibility 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency with 5.8 GHz Radio Frequency.

The high-tech setup

If you’re about to replace your existing router. You have to start by connecting the device with electricity and then plugging the Ethernet local cable. If you want to keep your old router. Because you have already attached it with your cable TV or some other related cable services. Then just plug in this secure wifi Router into any of the ports and then simply disable the Wi-Fi on the old router. Well, here I hope you know the simple process of disabling the Wi-Fi, don’t you?


The default (main) IP address, password and administrator name are all printed on down of the wifi router. The price for this best wifi router for long range paid will all be worth it in the end.  You can easily connect any of your smart devices with it, either by Ethernet or wifi, with the usage of the default credentials. Set the password and the right time zone, then you will be able to configure the Wi-Fi encryption. You can choose WPA-PSK, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK mix mode or WPA2-PSK. For the procedure of test, you can select the simple WPA-PSK, and this stands for the Wi-Fi Protected Access – Pre-Shared Key.

If you have some of the technical knowledge related these encryptions and configurations, you can easily choose any of these three encryption variants:

  • Force CCMP
  • The Force TKIP
  • Force TKIP and CCMP.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you should simply leave this setting in the Auto mode.

If you have prior knowledge of the WPA-PSK setting and have installed that before at your router. Then folks you have saved yourself from tremendous trouble by installing the same settings on this fast, affordable router. With the same password and SSID you used in your old router. You will learn once you give some of your shots at the setting yourself. And soon you will feel like a world-class hacker. To be honest, it is not that difficult. After hooking up the wires and when you log into the IP provided, follow the instructions and then get the router configured effectively.

Buy Router and Configure Parental Control

After logging into the router by using the password, you’ll see seven big buttons from which you can configure multiple features of the router. However, We are focusing first on the Parental Control feature.

To get that feature and program running, you have to click at the Parental Control option. Then enable that function of the parental control system, and for your knowledge, this feature isn’t enabled exactly right the moment you set up the router. Instead, you have to allow it manually after setting up. How does it work? Well, Internet connection on every device from any network is usually filtered by the OpenDNS Family Shield. This is that ultimate service that can block all of the inappropriate content automatically. This is very similar to the OpenDNS Home VIP. However without the controlled ability to fine-tune the whole inappropriate content can’t be blocked because there are categories that you have to block manually.

Domain Name Systems replacements

You can manually select from a collection of other Domain Name Systems replacements. The Google Public DNS can’t usually perform effective parental control blockage system, nor the Norton ConnectSafe – Security can. You can easily choose your own profile from the given possibilities or can manually create one. The process will work by selecting the famous and effective Norton ConnectSafe – Security + Pornography + multiple other adds content filtering.

With this amazing secure wifi router, you can effectively force Safe Search. You can run YouTube in the restricted mode. you can block many and tons of IP addresses, and you can also block usage of proxies. TOR and other VPN’s that your kids use these days. All of the settings can be saved from a minimum effort from you, and after that, you can control them seemingly

Practical testing

Once we tested the configurations and other setting done on the router, we came to know that using the OpenDNS actually worked very well. It successfully blocked the majority of the inappropriate sites but when we chose Norton options. And the inappropriate (pornography) sites did not simply load. When we are loading a browser for those sites, the indicator just started spinning and spinning, and the page eventually gave the big error message, which is actually impressive.

When we look at the Symantec’s FAQ for this specific service. You will be able to see a big warning that will tell you that the information on that particular site is very dangerous. You can configure all such settings on your secure wifi router software setting. And such inappropriate sites will never open at all.


Now, we will talk about the optimization of this pcWRT secure wifi router for your Smart TV. After learning this your Smart TV will become a hell lot smarter for your specific style and needs, so let’s get right into some details.

Blockage to smart TV snooping

As we all know the smart TVs gather a lot of data from our Smart TV’s, several information regarding our usage, our personal details and other tons of stuff that we would not like to share. Let us take an example of, VIZIO smart TVs.

VIZIO smart TVs gather a ton of our personal information via their smart TV service, like second to second data goes from the user to the service providers without the users’ consent. To add up to your knowledge. The VIZIO has the knowledge about your viewing history, your sex, income, age, marital status, the exact size of your households, the education level. The complete knowledge about the homeownership. And even your household value. Yes, they were tracking all of your personal data and information via their Smart TV service provided to you.

What did they do with that stealth information of users?

VIZIO sold all of that information on a consistent basis to the third parties, and then those third parties used that information for multiple purposes. Like targeting advertising to the potential consumers across multiple devices. This information was provided after thorough research done by the complaint. When investigated the complaint was true, and the Smart TV company was fined $2.2 Million for such act and asked not to collect such data again.

But we all know not just VIZIO, all of the smart TV companies will not stop doing this, they will watch and collect the data on what you watch on NetFlix, youtube, your personal DVD, your USB/card, your attached cell phone and every other thing. We have to find other ways to keep our personal information to ourselves only. That’s where pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router comes like a rockstar.

This is COOL

Some of the renowned Smart TV’s let you turn off snooping, but most don’t; however, they do allow or not, you can follow some steps so you can control on your valuable personal information. I would truly buy router today.

To fulfil that purpose we recommend you highly to do these specific two things:

Put your smart TV on the isolated network

By doing this, you can easily prevent your Smart TV from discovering any of the devices that you are using and connecting with the TV. Also the files that you share on your local network provided. If the smart TV is manually connected with the wire. Then you have to create a VLAN on the pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router and then connect the smart TV with that VLAN feature.

If any of the smart TV connects via the WiFi feature. Then you can easily create the guest WiFi network and that further can enable the WiFi client isolation feature.

Block the snooping data transmission once and for all

Usually, the smart TV gathers data regarding your usage and simply all the digital data about you, then it will send that data somewhere, that can be anywhere, maybe back to the vendor, or perhaps to any of the third party for further analysis of the information. When you block all of that data transmission successfully, it will protect the privacy of your information effectively.

Secure WiFi Router

Without the help of pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router, the conscious users had to find the. IP address and the domains where the data was sent and then do whatever they can to prevent the data from going over there by multiple technical processes. Of course, this required some serious tech knowledge. But most of the users like you and us we need to find simple ways and smarter ways to complete the job effectively.

This is where the pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router performs the job of effective snooping blockage. To effectively perform the blockage function of snooping on your pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router. Follow some of the steps carefully and apply them onto your router setting.

The process

Once you Buy Router and are connecting your smart TV via wire, then go simply to the Network Settings page. There, in VLAN section which I guided you to create back in the article. Select the X1, X2, X3, or X4 option for any port you want the smart TV to connect with. Save the complete settings. After that connect your smart TV with any of that port, we prefer to do that with the X4 port.

If you have connected your smart TV with the WiFi option, then go to Wireless Settings page on your router’s setting bar. Then enable WiFi client isolation and guest network WIFI mode. Again save all of those settings. After that, connect your smart TV to a guest WiFi network, your job is done, almost.

Data ?

If you want to know where your data is being sent by your Smart TV, then do this to find out

Find the Access Control page, open it, and then create a new profile and then all you have to do in that profile is to enable the Access Control. After that add your smart TV to that newly created profile. Again save the settings.

To test if the process is working fine or you have done the settings right. Use your smart TV randomly for some time, watch an episode or two of your favourite season. Then go to the Access Control page to view the internet logs. They are kind of the statistics done by the smart TV. Then click smart TV hostname to find out all of the Internet connections that were initiated from your smart TV.

IP addresses

There you will see the domains and some IP addresses. You just found the secret deposit box of your stealth information. Block all of those URLs and IP addresses on Access Control page. Thus, now you have ultimate control of your valuable information, and no one will deal with you or your stuff from now on. It is advised to check again that secret box I mentioned above from time to time. To see if there is another thing that steals your information, blocks that thing again, but hopefully, there will not be any.

The Verdict

Buy Router of pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router is the router of the future. With this secure router, you can have ultimate control over everything online. This is undoubtedly best budget router in 2018 and the best wifi router for long range and fastest internet usage experience. This secure wifi router is a must have privacy gadget at your home. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this fantastic product right now and level up your internet control in an entrepreneurial way.

pcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Secure WiFi Router

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