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Palette Gear For Film Editing and Colour Grading

  • Palette Gear can give you a tactile feel and versatile control over all your creative software.
  • It works faster and more efficiently with any custom keyboard shortcuts and also a pre-built interaction.
  • Download and share any profiles to edit with your Palette.
Palette Gear For Film Editing and Colour Grading

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Palette Gear is truly a powerful and fun way to help you interact with all your favorite creative software in a new tactile manner making your life easy. Buttons, dials and sliders or faders can give you a new versatile way to adjust any keyboard, shortcut, or control part of your software’s such as adding and adjusting keyframes, effect’s parameters and even much more, through a pre-programmed functionality made for you.

What does Palette Gear mean in reality?

So, Imagine if you’re a Premiere Pro editor and are working on an cut and notice a shot needing a little exposure to lift. Instead of using the ood method by selecting the clip, now you can movie to the effects tab, simply dragging a Lumetri effect, moving to effects control panel, twirling down on the Lumetri option’s and start clicking on the exposure to adjust your setting, and you simply move your hands to a slider and move it up or down a little bit.

That’s what’s I think it is great about Palette Gear. Yes it also looks really cool and its just very exciting gadget to play with and have on your desk but the real power happens in the internal of it providing a true time-saving shortcuts that allow anyone to work faster and more fluidly.

What is Palette Gear?

I first read about Palette Gear back when it was in it’s Kickstarter and it raised more than $150,000 to have it off the ground. Also, I included it in my round up of the Affordable Colour Grading Control Surfaces. So personally I was extremely happy to find a way to play with it.

Palette Gear is a modular control system that is comprised of four separate units that magnetically connects together into a number of combinations, all with an amazing and satisfying click. The build quality is just amazing and looks excellent. Each unit is just a delight to interact with. The arcade style buttons are just a great design choice. The dials have a satisfying weight to it and the sliders are gracefully fluid.