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Protect Your Boom Pole With Orca OR 430 Boom Pole Case

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Protect Your Boom Pole With Orca OR 430 Boom Pole Case

The all new Orca OR-430 Hard Shell Boom Pole Cases is featuring a unique thermoforming technology. The Orca or 430 will provide you the ultimate protection for any boom pole.

Orca Hard Shell Boom Pole Case

This Boom Pole Case is the best for me. There are a few items that have a special place in my heart one of which is audio and video equipment. Although I always love this equipment and technology. It’s usually hard to protect them and make sure they are safe and sound at all times. However, there are companies out there who provide fantastic equipment and protection for all types of equipment.


Orca is one of those companies with a wide range of product to help you make the job easy. I’ve been a fan of Orca for a long time; actually since I started my hobby in both audio and video. I have been using their equipment for a long time, and they never give me any problem. Today Orca was generous enough that they send me their new OR-430 HARD SHELL BOOM POLE CASE – SMALL for me to review.

At first glance, this is by no means a cheap product. Just like every equipment that they produce the orca OR-430 is made well, steady, and robust with a price that is not harsh on your budget for under $40 you can have this product to make your life easy and complete your collection. I have to say that the quality is not bad and they offer different size of boom pole case regardless of your boom pole size. For me, this is perfect and can help me solve so many of my issues.

This item is going to be secure and protect my equipment from scratched and damage. The cases include a well-padded interior and a detachable shoulder strap. The stored boom pole is secured on the inside with two “Hook & Loops” strap. The inside of the Boom Pole Case is two rubber straps that help to hold the boom pole cable or connectors.

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Summary Also, this item will be shielding my boom pole against any weather condition, environment, or situation. Personally, I highly recommend this product to you, and I encourage you all to take a look at this product.

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