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Number 1 Best Pen In The World – Hexomatic Ballpoint Silver Pen

This is a fabulous pen. It is very comfortable to use with a good finish on its body. The shirt clip is stiff, and the whole pen gives off a feeling of high-quality workmanship that is remarkable. The Retro 51 is a version of the Schmidt EasyRoller 9000M that comes with the pen, and it will not last that long, but it has an amazing writing quality. I personally suspect it may have been due to the specific refill that came with it, rather than the EasyRollers in general. After that I bought more Schmidt branded EasyRollers on Amazon (6 for $9), and they have worked great, with an excellent refill as a hybrid ballpoint. Also, you can try the Itoya GPR-7 gel ink refill, and that is great as well, but a little more expensive at $5 for 2.
Overall, I am very pleased, and it’s the only pen I use for my work personally work.