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nomad charger for tesla model 3
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Review: Nomad Wireless Charger for Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is truly full of forward-thinking technology. With fantastic performance stats. But if I am honest, Teslas built-in elements for phone charging ability has some room for improvement. Here we have hands-on on the NOMAD wireless charger

The Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger by NOMAD is the premier smartphone charging tool for all your phone while you are on the road. They have meticulously designed it to fit just perfectly in designated charging dock of Tesla Model 3.

It has been engineered to easily and quickly charge two phones simultaneously. With an anti-slip rubber that is base to create additional stability. Neither the NOMAD wireless charger nor your phone will slip out of place while driving in any condition. Optimized for all new iPhones with a giving a 7.5 W charge output.

In a car that needs neither gas nor keys to operate, a wireless phone charging system seems like a natural fit. However, it is not a factory option (yet anyhow). Thankfully, a company named NOMAD has recognized the void in charging options, and now dose offers a perfect product specifically designed for your Tesla Model 3.

I read a ton of reviews online on the many different wireless charging pads out there that are available for Tesla. However, I have finally reached the consensus that NOMAD was indeed the “top of the line.” After living with it for two weeks now (went two weeks of M3 ownership without, two weeks with).

I can safely say that the reviews are right! It feels OEM and, honestly, seems like the car should have come with this mat from the factory itself. Do yourself just a big favor. Do not cheap out when deciding to which wireless charging mat to get for your car. It charges flying fast (for wireless) and reliably. My phone has never slid or falls or fails to charge.

nomad wireless charger for Tesla model 3
Nomad Wireless Charger for Tesla Model 3
  • Seamlessly integrates with your Model 3
  • Optimal with dual 7.5W phone wireless charging
  • LED lights that indicating charging status
  • It is compatible with all Apple and Android that are wireless charge enabled devices
  • It uses both USB ports
  • 2 USB splitters included for enabling Dashcam, or USB audio, and an additional powered USB port
  • includes optional spacers included for all other smaller phones

Model 3 compatibility

  • Compatible with all the versions of Tesla Model 3

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