Nest Secure [ review and unboxing ] 2019

nest secure
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We all can recognize the name Nest from the #Nest Smart Thermostat that helped us bring the #SmartHomeAutomation into any mainstream.

Nest now does more than the thermostats. However, They have a complete range of products that can work together, including the fantastic home security equipment.

Due to the Nest experience toward smart home automation Nest has developed a fantastic device ecosystem. These devices work seamlessly with each other. These innovation sets combine innovation with excellent quality of life benefits. With full third-party integration, options can give you so much customization options.

Nest secure has a strong focus on user-friendliness, from the installation to the management of your devices.

The hardware often has smart and intuitive functionality. The Nest Secure has functions such as the contact sensor that also doubles as a motion detector, that depends on where you install it.

NestSecure hardware also has excellent learning capabilities to learn all your routines. Such as what your friends and family look like and sound like. Even, many other details that come with it. It can process all this information in the background to ensure that it is operating in a way that can work with your lifestyle and needs.

The equipment design does not stand out as home security or home automation gadgets. Instead, they are smooth, sophisticated plus a blend in with the surrounding decor. Nest truly lives up to their motto of “Welcome to the Thoughtful Home.”