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Budget Headphones Under 40

It has been a long time since I’ve been looking to find a good quality headphone at a reasonable price. Throughout my search, I have seen many different types of Bluetooth headphones that offered me what was in my bucket list. However, I have not found yet a headphone that delivers everything that I want at a reasonable price that I can put in my bag without worrying about what may happen to them. Until today, about two weeks ago I was contacted by MPOW, and they told me about the MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphone. The MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphone comes at only 35.99, and it is just amazing.

What I like

I was so impressed by the sound quality and the comfort that when I put it on for the first time, I did not believe it’s that cheap. Of course, it did not compare to my Bose or Sony Headphones, but for its class it was extraordinary. The quality of the headphone is not A plus, but I will give it a solid B. It was built just right and had the right color, and the sound quality was just impressive. I have tried so many headphones in the past, and they always lacked some functionality one way or another.


when he came to MPOW, the game was changed. Regardless if I was listening to a piece of music or talking to someone over the phone. I have no problem of maneuvering its dials and working my way up to find the right button. I think one of the most significant issues that we face today in terms of finding the right headphone, is to find something that does not only sounds good but is easy to operate. And for the first time, I saw one with tactile buttons that are not only useful but they were very solid, and I didn’t have to compromise.


At times I found that every button on MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphone that I would ever need was easy to reach and it was easy to operate. Now I have to say that I don’t know how it will last over time, but from using it for the past couple of days that I had the opportunity to use it, I have to say that it worked flawlessly.

The ultimate goal

The ultimate goal of the headphone is to provide you comfort and give you a reasonable sound quality at a low price. I think with this headphone I did not have to make any trade-off I was able to get what I wanted fast and easy. The portability of this headphone was also something to mention. It was straightforward to fold the headphones down and put them inside the included case. I also have to say that the included case was something to love. The quality of the case was not only good, but it was exceptional to the point that I did not feel embarrassed to carry it around and use it around others like you finding other headphones at this price point.


From the quality standpoint, although the finishing touches on the headphone are glossy and usually I am not a big fan. But, I enjoyed these MPOW Bluetooth Headphones. I did not see any residue from touching it, and it stayed clean free of any scratches. After visiting the website, I also found out that this headphone not only comes in the black and red color, but it comes in several different colors such as blue, green, gray, white, and my favorite pink.


Another aspect of MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphone that I liked was the ability to use it for long hours. To be exact 20 hours of music time and talk time on a single charge. Yes, 20 hours although it takes four hours to be charged but, I have to say that I don’t find it too hard to charge my headphones for that time when it gives me 20 hours of use.

So if you are looking for low-cost headphones that offer you a good quality of sound and reasonable build at under $40 I highly recommend the MPOW.




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