MOES WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener

MOES WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener
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Best Smart Home Garage Door opener with Alexa and Google Assistant

We are slowing gauging towards a world of smart and wireless gadgets, and we are utilizing the inventions to our advantage for several reasons. For instance, the idea of living in a “smart” house sounds exciting, and it allows us to venture digital gadgets into our routine for making our lives productive and effective. For instance, we are continuously lusting after home automation systems that would allow us to turn on or turn off the electronic devices remotely. Nevertheless, investing in a smart garage door opener is an excellent way to support your endeavors of living in a smart and technology-forward house. This is where MOES WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener comes handy. 

MOES has introduced a WiFi smart garage door opener that allows you to use a remote to monitor your garage door. With the assistance of mobile apps, not only you can control your garage’s door remotely, but, it also notifies you each time the door opens or closes. You can set specific instructions for automatic closing and opening of the garage doors, as well as monitoring the activities in your garage using a video stream option.

Most people struggle with getting out of their vehicles to open their garage door, and if there is no one to assist them on the spot, then, opening the door manually could be overwhelming. It is true for the instances if you arrive at your home late at night, and you fear that someone would get a hold on your vehicle while you are busy opening the garage door. Now, you do not have to fret if there is no one to open the garage door for you. Simply utilize the voice-control or remote control feature of the device, and explore the ways that you can put your MOES wireless smart garage door opener to use.

What is the device?

MOES has introduced the smart WiFi garage door, which is a dream-come-true for garage owners and vehicle owners, and it is integrated with all the innovative features to help you to control your smart garage doors effectively and conveniently.

MOES has put out exciting, innovative products before that earned a cult-favorite status amongst several of the users. The new and improved MOES wireless garage door opener encapsulates the features to help you improve your experience with the smart garage door. The device is endorsed with unique software optimization to help you experience the features of the device fully. Use Google Home or Alexa to voice control the device, and then you are good to go or even use it with IFTTT

The package comes with the following essentials:

  1.  Smart garage controller
  2.  Line holders
  3.  Brackets
  4.  Screws
  5.  3M stickers
  6.  Ties 

Top Features of the MOES WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener

Tap in your smart life App to control your garage door from Anywhere. When you were out for vacation or somewhere and forget to turn off the door, you can remotely open or close your garage door from anywhere

Alexa, turn on the garage door. When there is uninvited guest come and you are busy with something, just ask Alexa to turn on the garage door

Several users of the device swear by the efficiency and functionality of the smart garage door opener, and they cannot help but, recommend the innovative device to their peers. It is no wonder that garages are often susceptible to theft or burglary, and you cannot permit any illicit activity in your garage at all costs. If the security system of your garage is weak, then, the thieves wouldn’t be too reluctant on stealing your vehicle.

MOES WiFi Garage Door Opener is designed to address the concerns of worried and reluctant car owners, and it allows them to utilize the device to their leverage for ensuring the safety of their vehicle and spare parts kept in the garage. The following are the salient features of the device, which made it a favorable investment amongst thousands of car owners:

Upgrade your garage door automatically

One of the misconceptions regarding the MOES device is that people are required to install a hi-tech garage door to their garage. It shouldn’t be so expensive and challenging to upgrade your garage’s door to an automatic setting, which is why you can simply upgrade your garage door to a smart-control feature. 

Well, some wireless door opener’s manufacturers might require you to invest in an automatic garage door to facilitate the function of the device; however, with MOES smart and wireless garage door opener, you can simply add the module to your existing opener, and it would work impeccably! The device is designed to resonate with your wireless system, which allows you to operate, automate, and monitor your door’s setting using your smartphone.

Versatile features for IOS and Android smartphones

One of the amazing features of the MOES home automation service for garage doors is that it comes with a reliable and durable app that allows you to control and monitor your garage’s door activities from a distance. You can maneuver the app to your advantage to use “door position status” using an animated garage door. Additionally, you can use the app to turn off and turn on the door on a countdown timer and be on your way without any hassle.

User-friendly for family members

If you live in a large family house then, you obviously have access to a spacious garage for parking multiple vehicles at a time. The MOES wireless solution for garage doors is integrated with multiple user access that allows a family to use the app effectively. The user-friendly app is designed to provide security and convenience to a family, and if you are expecting a package at your address then, you can simply open the garage and advise the dispatcher to leave the package in your garage. 

Simply share this innovative door controller with your family members, and instruct them on how to use the app for their own benefit. You can use one mobile phone to control the device or, you can utilize multiple smartphones for controlling the features of the device.

Smart Home Device By Mose

Give your garage a makeover

If you are considering upgrading your garage door’s design and structure then, you can further enhance the overall look of your garage by installing the MOES garage door opener to your newly installed garage door. If you are expecting guests at your home, you can simply use your smartphone to open the garage door for them, and they can enter and park their vehicle in the garage.

No hub required

The previous iterations of a smart garage door opener required to install a hub to your garage door for activating the features of the device. With MOES WiFi smart garage door opener, you are free from the obligation of installing a hub to your door and utilize a 2.4Ghz wireless technology for accessing the door. 

Furthermore, the device is backed up with a two-year warranty, and you are barely required to charge its batteries because it is none required, and it would last you for a long time. Simply update the app as per your requirements, and you are good to go!

How to use the MOES WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener

The WiFi smart garage door opener features a dual-controller or, a two-way controller to help you use the door opener to its best. Firstly, we would strongly advise you on reading the instruction’s manual that comes with the book, and carefully install the device to the recommended sites on your garage door. If you are experiencing any trouble with the installation process, maybe you can consider reaching out to the technical team of MOES via email, and they would reply to your query as soon as possible.

Hands-free voice control 

If you are eager to park your vehicle in your garage and your hands are occupied to use the app to unlock or open the garage door then, you can use the hands-free voice control feature of the device to open your door. You can use Alexa or Google Assistant to give voice commands, and the door will be unlocked within a few seconds after you command it to do so.

Remote control

If you are relaxing or lounging in your house then, you can use the remote controller that comes with the device to maneuver the functions of the smart garage door opener. For instance, if you are expecting a courier or a mail carrier at your home, you can simply use the remote control to open or close the door.

Why do we recommend this product?

We live in an era of smart inventions, and we are yet to experiment with smart and technological devices that would change our lives for good. We might have seen an automatic garage door in movies or cartoons back in the days but, the good news is that MOES wireless smart garage door opener can do the same for you at an unbeatable price.

The smart garage door opener by MOES is integrated with excellent and exceptional features that address your concerns of the ultimate smart garage door opener, and it perfectly hits the nail on the head with its modern and pioneering capabilities that would take you by surprise!

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