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Measuring Temperature and Humidity

With the Engbird Wireless Temperature Sensor, measuring Temperature and Humidity data has never been easier. Engbird accurately measures your data and alerts you.

The Temperature & Humidity Smart Sensor IBS-TH1 Data logger can be easy to pair with our mobile apps (Engbird). Which will provide the ideal answer to monitoring temperature and humidity conditions. IBS-TH1 can correctly monitor your home, car, clothes, pet, fruit, cigar, wine and much more.

The Engbird

Engbird Wireless Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Smart Data Logger Thermometer Hygrometer with Waterproof External Probe / Magnet / Alert for Food Storage Brewing Pet Instrument Cigar:

It graphs trends quite nicely as well. The temperature and humidity logs can easily be exported as well; it will be in Microsoft Excel format. My only complaint is that if this thing is logging every couple of minutes, then you end up with ALOT of raw data in your Excel spreadsheet. I know there are ways that you can use Excel to make a graph, but I have yet to figure that out. That’s my only complaint. Overall it does correctly what it says it will do. Of note, there is no documentation in the manual about changing the battery, but it is straightforward. You just pop off the back, and you are good to go.