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The MW07 True Wireless Earphones

When it comes to new tech, we only pay for the compromises that we are willing to live with. Apple’s AirPods, for example, I think is reasonably priced it pairs effortlessly and sound okay. But it let in a ton of outside noise, sound bad, and their design makes it very uncomfortable to wear for any long listening time.

Jaybird and Bose also have brought truly wireless earbuds that are designed to appeal but look bad. Also, they favor situational awareness I think over passive noise cancellation, and it compromises good looks for durability at times.

While the Master & dynamic mw07 passive noise reduction provided was no match for any Active Noise Cancellation headphones that can provide. I found at the most time that, with the volume of my MW07 music cranked up to around 75%. I was able to block out any of the majority of the noise that was around me during a train ride earlier this week.

Master & Dynamic MW07

What is more, during the week that I had the pleasure of testing the MW07. I did not experience any single connectivity issue as long as my iPhone XS MAX was within 40 feet.

Master & dynamic MW07 Bottom Line:

Despite the underwhelming battery performance and the high price, I have no problem with recommending. Master & Dynamic’s MW07 to any audiophiles that are looking for the best look. And aural experience that true wireless headphones can afford at this time.

The quality of materials that these earphones are made from is just amazing. Their excellent industrial design and fantastic sound quality can only fill any music lover’s heart with joy and passion.

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