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LINNER NC50 Active

A bright shiny day and the brightest gift of amazing new best budget noise-cancelling wireless headphones. Last week we had an opportunity to check out the new LINNER NC50 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone. To be really honest we are really surprised. We were surprised because we never really hoped that a wireless headphone from the category of budget noise cancelling Headphones can really stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of things about this amazing budget Bluetooth headphone that we would love to share with you, and we will share them all. We will tell you all about this amazing piece of the gadget, so you will understand all about it and buy it to give an upgrade to your music accessories. So, seniors and Senoritas, let’s get right into it.

About the brand

Linner is not very old headphones and music accessories brand as it was launched back some years ago and impressively the brand has made its place in the market. NC50 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone is their first headphone in the Bluetooth (Wireless) products line.

To be honest, they have done an impressive, excellent and professional job in manufacturing and releasing this entrepreneurial headphone in the market. All of the products made by Linner are impressive and have succeeded in providing a great user experience to all of their customers so far and likely to deliver in the future as well. The prime reason of their company success in the market is mainly on three factors,

  1. Excellent quality with affordability and 2. A performance with durability. So, now let’s talk about their flagship budget wireless headphones.

LINNER NC50 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

Concisely a fantastic looking Bluetooth headphone with some great active noise cancelling properties and luxurious feel. The quality of the hardware used I it is smooth and robust regarding durability. An impressive ipx4 water resisting capability that can never go wrong. The ability to produce a rich and deep overall sound quality with impressive bass and treble that will give you a tremendous sound. The whole headphone is very comfortable to wear and most importantly great for outdoor, fitness and gym activities.

With all being said concisely, now it is time to go into details extensively and find out if the product can be useful for your day to day usage or not. Turn up the sound baby!

The pros of LINNER NC50 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

  • Much better performance than an average pair of noise cancelling headphone
  • A stronger and deep bass
  • Excellent battery timing at 10.5h per full charge (with ANC on) Tested results!
  • A very stable and robust Bluetooth connection with more extended range than the other budget noise cancelling Headphones
  • Fantastic build-quality with nice comfort
  • IPX4 water, dust and sweat resistant
  • Excellent value for all your money paid

The core specifications of the product

  • Type: In-ear
  • Frequency response: 20Hz~20,000Hz
  • Weight: 35.2g
  • Microphone & Controls: Built-in
  • Sweat-proof: IPX4
  • Bluetooth: V4.1
  • Battery life: 10h+
  • Noise-cancelling: Hell Yeah! (Up to 28dB)
  • Charging port: Micro USB
  • aptX: No

Now comes my favourite part, “The unboxing.”

So what is in the box? First off, I would like to appreciate the good packaging they have done for this headphone unlike any other best Noise Cancelling Headphones in 2018. So, back to what’s in the box, here is what you will get.

  1. Beautiful Linner NC50 active noise cancelling earbuds
  2. A reasonable long Micro-USB charging copper cable
  3. 3 cool pairs of silicone ear tips & 3 pairs of wings (with all S, M, L sizes)
  4. A soft cloth carrying pouch to keep your headphones protected everywhere
  5. An extensive user manual for a thorough guide

That’s pretty it in the box.

So, it is time now to talk about the details of this Best Noise Cancelling Headphone in 2018.

An impressive Noise Cancelling property

In most of the budget noise cancelling Headphones, this features doesn’t work quite well and somewhat lousy. But in NC50 they have done an impressive job, and this particular feature work very well. There is a big round button on the headphones that says ANC/Monitor just press it to turn the noise cancelling on and enjoy the great peaceful sound experience. This is the same button to turn off the noise cancellation feature as well.

If you are a person who travels a lot on buses, metros or aeroplanes and hate that noise along the way. The LINNER NC50 Active headphones are made just for you. Whether you get where you need some peaceful and quiet music experience despite the sound of the environment. Just press the ANC button long for 2 seconds to have a deep noise cancelling experience. Ah! For your knowledge that round button on the headphones plat 3 roles. Long press it for 2 seconds to have deep and more effective noise cancelling experience, single press for 1 second to have the normal noise cancelling experience and again 1-second press to change the feature to monitor the gadget. Overall a great active noise cancelling experience close to the performance of high-end noise cancelling over-ear headphones of 2018.


The material used in the manufacturing of this product is high-quality rubber. Enduring plastic and high-quality wires, overall the design looks impressive and is undoubtedly very comfortable regarding wearing and listening with those soft earbuds that fit quite well. The IPx4 gives this Best Noise Cancelling Headphones in 2018 a water and sweat proof feature that is really amazing. The headphone has a nice weight, and not a single part of this LINNER NC50 Active headphones feels cheap.

Moreover, they provide an extensive 18 Months guarantee which totally gives this product an edge over all the competitive best budget noise-cancelling wireless headphones in the market.

Active outdoor experience with maximum comfort

Talking about budget noise cancelling headphones for usage in the gym, outdoor running or sports, this LINNER NC50 Active headphones is the best option for you right now. They provide maximum comfort while using and will not let you feel that you are hanging them on your neck. Seemingly user experience especially while doing outdoor HIIT workout activities.

The Sound quality

To be honest sound quality is pretty good and actually better than any other best budget noise-Cancelling wireless headphones in the market. They have managed a professional blend of bass and treble. And overall sound effects that give a studio headphones like sound quality. They have done an impressive job on developing deep bass, so it is great for those who are bass freaks. You can find no better bass than in this if compared with other best budget noise-cancelling wireless headphones you have used before.

ANC earbuds are quite soft and reliable as they fit well in the ear. All other features such as Bluetooth connectivity and most importantly the Monitor features. They work impressively as it will give you a good call time experience while listening to music. The build quality is excellent. The wires are firmly attached and will not come off in hardcore activities like in other budget noise cancelling Headphones. All other button controls on the LINNER NC50 Active headphones work effectively and fast.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy this amazing affordable pair of noise cancelling headphone because this is the best in the market.




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