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LG – 27UD69P The Best Budget 4K Monitor In 2018

LG – 27UD69P The Best Budget 4K Monitor In 2018 with Screen Size Class of 27″ with a Panel Type IPS Color Gamut at (CIE1931) SRGB at 99% Color Depth of 10bit (8bit + A-FRC) along with s Response Time of 5ms GTG. Refresh Rate at 60 Hz with Aspect Ratio of 16:9. And finally Resolution of 3840×2160 This is The Best Budget 4K Monitor in 2018.

My reaction:

I bought this about two weeks ago, and I loved it since day 1. I use it for a mixture of gaming, computing, and editing and it excels at all levels.
LG 27 UHD The Best Budget 4K Monitor In 2018

For Gaming

I have been using the PlayStation PRO which displays 4k gaming smoothly without any problem and looks fantastic taking advantage of the new FreeSync technology.

For Computing

The LG 27″ UDP69 is excellent and giving me tons of space to work with. The panel is comfortable to read without any variances when changing viewing angles. Personally, I do plenty of reading on this monitor and have not experienced any eye nor head problems. This monitor has several good display settings that help to adjust brightness and colors making it more comfortable for the reader.

For Movies

The amazing 4K content indeed looks marvelous. I generally prefer watching anything on this over my 70″ 1080p TV in the living room. The colors are just perfect, brightness is fabulous, and definition is truly outstanding.

Random Things

This monitor has a semi-matte finish look which I’ve grown to like. This LG monitor truly helps to reduce glare a great deal. The monitor sits in a corner with the window perpendicular to it and I honestly rarely find myself changing positions to avoid glare at all time.

– The on-screen display is easy to use and intuitive
– The stand looks fantastic even though I have my monitor setup on a wall mount to free up space on my desk and have easy access, but if I had a more larger desk, I’d continue using the stand without a doubt anytime.

I love this LG – 27UD69P

If the way you utilize your computer demands a lot of screen space with high resolution, you’re going to like true UHD/4K at all time, and this is why I think this monitor is the best monitor for 2018 with an amazing price that offers a great deal of return. If you are a graphic artist, a software engineer, YouTuber, a Web developer, or in some other technical field, it is nice to be able to have ten windows open at the same time, all visible at the same time as well. So if that is what you are looking for, this may be the best deal for you today. I would imagine that most gamers might like it too, although I am not a heavy gamer myself.

In addition;

In addition to having a crystal clear high resolution, color reproduction, and dynamic range this monitor is a killer.

I gave it five stars, and the only problem that I can say about is that it does not have built-in speakers, but regardless if you are getting a 4K monitor for this price you can afford a nice set of speakers at a resalable price or even you could go crazy on it.

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