iPad Pro (2018) Review and Unboxing

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iPad Pro (2018) Review: Almost a Laptop Killer

After a long time of waiting today, I finally received my iPad Pro generation three. I love this iPad, starting from the look, this thing looks spectacular. One other thing that really made me love this iPad is the size. As much as I love the 12.9-inch display on my previous generation iPad, I have to say that the size of the iPad was too big for me.

I always had a problem carrying it to school and holding it in my hand while riding the train. But with the new iPad Pro generation 3 this problem is solved. Now I get the same design look feel and texture in a smaller form factor. It just reminded me of when Apple announced iPhone X. For me transferring from the iPhone 7 plus to the iPhone X was a life change.


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What I remember

I remember how easy became for me to carry my phone and just place it in my pocket simply. Now with the new iPad is the same story and I can have the comfort of carrying my iPad around. Starting from the design, I love the fact that the new Apple pencil can now seamlessly be attached to the top of my iPad without any problem or hassle. The case folio is also, amazing and now not only providing me with a keyboard that is completely at the same as the previous generation but in the smaller form factor.


It covers the back of my iPad given my iPad extra protection and is not forcing me to buy a separate accessory to covers the back of my iPad. Adding not only cover but protection to my 2018 iPad. With the new processor inside this iPad is extremely fast and can provide a lot of horsepowers to run the most extreme apps.

As demonstrated announcement Adobe will launch its new application for iPad that can run a full desktop version of the Photoshop running extremely high quality and size files without any problem.

As an editor

This iPad is going to be a life changer for me because with the new 12 bionic chip it will be straightforward for me to edit my videos make an adjustment to my photos and even manipulate audios on my next podcast video or even my blog. As much as I love to keep my old iPad around I cannot see myself also using it since also holding the iPad makes it feel weird. I have to say the new iPad Pro is completely a game changer and using the iPad feels exactly as I anticipated. Not only I get the quality design of Apple but everything runs extremely smooth without any problem.


Although, it takes for new developers and old developers to catch up with the new iPad and make all necessary adjustment and updates. But I’m sure in the coming months or two all application will support the new iPad Pro. Today’s is truly an exciting day for me and I cannot wait to take my iPad for a test run, and use it for my school to productivity or even play a game or two with it.

If you ask me this year is just the right time to buy a tablet, and if you have not got your tablet yet, there is nothing that can compare to the all-new Apple iPad Pro third-generation. And if you ask me once more, I recommend the tool 12.9-inch tablet since it can make your life extremely easy and give you pleasure while using your iPad. As always this is just my initial review of using the iPad for one day what I will do an in-depth review of this iPad in the coming weeks and will recommend the best apps to use in conjunction with your iPad Pro.


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