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InnoGear 2018 Vase-Shaped Essential Oil Diffuser has an Elegant Transparent Cover providing. This is an awesome cool mist humidifier that can change your mood in no time. The ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is equipt with a Unique Breathing Lights.

The InnoGear diffuser is indeed a value for money. This diffuser costs much less than the comparable brand name version of the product. This product looks great and delivers excellent, as long as you use it correctly.

It has a fantastic Unique Breathing LED Light with Elegant Vase-shape. This oil diffuser is An Artwork with Special Design, and the top of the diffuser looks like a transparent bright vase. InnoGear is using breathing as the light turns from bright to dim gently, creating a brilliant atmosphere and relieves stress and fatigue.

The setup is super easy to operate with One Button. It includes an optimized 200ml Capacity: Holding 200ml water with several drops of essential oils,

The InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser user manual is also excellent with good quality print and many coupons to help you get the best price when shopping for the essential oil. There is also an entry for a $100 giveaway in the box.

One Improvement over other diffusers is a large capacity that can be used; personally, after using this product for a week, I get to fill the tank once every 3-4 days, however, this may differ depending on how long you leave your device on.

I love this diffuser and its light. I think this is a great item to help you relax and give you a very nice static to your room.

1. The price is super cheap comparing to other product!
2. The Aesthetics is fantastic, and it honestly looks like it is out of a sci-fi movie. The lights are quite pleasant, and I like the fact that there is an option to turn the diffusers light off.
3. It also uses the reservoir pretty efficiently, and when used correctly it lasts a good length of time.
4. it is made out of BPA Free and High-Quality Material