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Comica CVM-V02O2 Lavalier Microphone

Over the years I have acquired a small arsenal of microphones from the very high to low price models. When I received, the Comica CVMV02O2 Phantom Power Omni-directional XLR Lavalier Lapel Microphone. I know that I have finally found the right mic for the right price at only $30. This microphone has equal sensitivity at all its angles. It will pick-up sound from all directions. With XLR (3-pins) Connector, ideal for Youtube podcasting, home studio recording, even field recording, gaming, or speech, vocal, conference calls, interview and more.

I own 2 of these microphones one to use regularly and one as a backup. It has been more than two weeks, and they seem indestructible! I tossed it many times, stomped on, rained on, and also abused by amateurs. Even one that was chewed on by my dog.

Why I love it

Many times, when I can’t decide amongst my expensive mics, and affordable microphones. I reach into my bag for this Lavalier mic. Even If you have a flip-style camera. Just grab yourself one of these Comica XLR microphones with a mini plugin, and you have just added pro-style sound to your production.

After auditioning microphones from a very high price at a low cost. I am using this Comica CVM-V02O2 mic to make my recording sound and look professional, and in time I will be choosing this Lavalier microphone. You can not beat the sound quality and the built quality into this Lavalier microphones.

Let’s talk about it

Let’s assume that you have an XLR in/output jack. This little microphone does FANTASTIC work for the price. The competition regarding sound quality can still beat it but will cost something like $150 MORE than this mic, and the quality difference isn’t $150 difference in my opinion. I say it is about 50 dollars different.

Omnidirectional microphones

That being the case, this little guy is more than adequate for my needs! It truly is omnidirectional. Wherever you clip it, it’s going to pick up sound from every angle (which is something essential to keep in mind especially for both good and bad reasons). The cord is a great size and PLENTY long.

Lavalier Microphone is great for you the thread it beneath a shirt under a table and out of camera shot (in my instance).

At the end

The whole thing is really well built and feels very sturdy. Right down to the alligator clip which is metal. One problem I have is that the clip could be a little smaller in my opinion, but it holds really well. I love this Lavalier Microphone that it comes with two different noise screens, with the ‘rabbit’s foot’ one being specifically for outdoors or active applications where you might get wind or movement noise. Since most of my recording is done indoors, I probably would need it, but it’s great to have!

Questions & Answers

Can we use this omnidirectional microphone in a very noisy environment?

We do not recommend buyers to use any omnidirectional microphones for very noisy environments. For an outdoor interview or recording, it is suggested to choose a Cardioid microphone.

Can I use this Lavalier Microphone with a powered speaker to project sound?

Yes, you can go with a powered speaker. Before you use it with the speaker, please make sure you have a 48v phantom power supply that would work together with the V02O mic. 

Can I add an XLR extender to get a longer cable?

Yes, you can. I recommend you to buy a good high-quality cable to work together with so you can avoid any audio loss. 

Can these be plugged into an audio interface?

Yes, you can. I recommend you to buy a good high-quality cable to work with it to avoid audio loss. 

8 Best Lavalier Microphones for Clear Recording

Lavalier or lapel microphones are at times commonly used in the television industry or for interviewing as they make it very easy to talk or sing with your hands-free.

In recent times, a massively growing number of musicians have turned on these for live and YouTube shows, as they are invisible. Lava mics just get clipped onto your garment and off you go.

  • Rode Smartlav+
  • Power DeWise Lavalier Lapel Microphone.
  • Audio-Technica Pro 70.
  • Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit.
  • Sony ECMCS3.
  • Sennheiser ME-2 II.
  • Giant Squid Audio Lab Omnidirectional Microphone.
  • Movo PM10.

I have covered a few of the best promising contenders in the market for my title of the best lavalier microphone. So, hopefully, now it shouldn’t be that hard to pick which one would work best for you and what you have in mind.

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