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How To Be The King Of Selfie – Ring Light For Your Phone

This Ring Light For Your Phone is such a fantastic idea! I want it for taking selfie, and group picture. The QIAYA Ring Light is excellent for making every picture you take look fabulous, the key to any good photo is good lighting, and with this, you can get it. This Ring light can get really bright, and It’s ideal for a night out. This Ring Light helps create an even light all over your face rather than just a bunch of shadows from the sun. This light is almost perfect for taking selfies outside or where the lighting is not as even or as great. This light is a smaller version of what models use in the studio and because it creates an even light, you will not have shadows cast over your face. The QIAYA is also really great if you have blue eyes and are prone to red eye. This is much better than flash photography because there is already a light on you, and flash makes you look washed out, discolored, and gives you red eye. Also, this makes your teeth look white and helps bring out your features.

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