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HOMIEE The Best MacBook Pro Sleeve in 2018

Score 87%

HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch MacBook Pro Sleeve Felt Laptop Protective Case

I was looking for a the best MacBook pro sleeve, though with decent quality, and an inexpensive sleeve for my 13″ MacBook Pro 2018. With a goal to have it fit inside a larger bag. I am usually a basic guy looking for things such as this. But I find it hard to find better MacBook air 13 sleeve.

This macbook air 13 sleeve product is all I need providing me with all the check marks that I like. So, after looking at a number of reviews on different sleeves on Amazon, I settled on this one. I am glad I did since I live it!

For me!

For my use, the most crucial aspect is functionality. This MacBook pro sleeve fits my MacBook perfectly. This MacBook air 13 sleeve It is not too tight, not too slack. Also, it fits just as perfectly into my backpack. The accompanying, matching small bag for power adaptor or mouse is also perfect. It is a bit lose for my mouse, but not too much. While a bit snug for the adaptor when including the cord, but not exceedingly so.

Everyday use

For my everyday use, the smaller sleeve is excellent. I get tired of the trackpad, and a mouse works fine for me on some things. But, for my trips, I can see how it would help for the power adaptor and cable. It is always nice to have extras for such a small price.

The build quality appears excellent, especially considering the low price it is great. Though I cannot speak about the durability of this is the best MacBook pro sleeve since I just got it. Should there be any issue with the quality down the line, I will be sure to update this review in future.

After a month of use

I had initially ordered many laptop sleeves from Amazon. I kept this one, and I think it will be a great addition to my bags. And this one is the best one to buy for me. I have been using this laptop sleeve every day since I got it to review it. The look of the sleeve is also cool. And I get compliments on it all the time. The design is truly nice, and it fits the laptop beautifully. After four weeks of heavy use, I still feel that it is as good as new.

It honestly has done an excellent job of protecting my laptop. Although I am still freaked out by the padding, it is nice. I have always bought such covers with padding, and this one is a bit thinner than the others.

What I wish

I rarely use such small case, and this one is just it. It is cute and I think is unnecessary to have such items. I hope they would focus on doing something different with the design like the increase with the padding as opposed to putting supplemental things that are not necessary or do not need protection.

Personally I am still on the lookout to find something with a heavier padding and a better look like this, but I have not found anything yet. I am giving my review a 5 stars for its look and shape for this MacBook air 13 sleeve. Because I have yet to find a laptop sleeve that matches the quality regarding padding but for now, this is great. I would buy this with confidence.

Is it what you like

Looking for some carry-case that was neither leather nor ballistic-nylon nor plastic when I discovered this on Amazon. “OK,” I thought, even if it’s soft, floppy-n-flimsy, at this price it’s worth taking a chance just in-case it turns out to be kinda neat. It turns out it’s neat.

Niceeee one

Nice in hand. Holds enough. Slides into briefcase & backpack easily. Keeps papers flat. The MacBook pro sleeve holds more than I thought…but not a substitute for a larger bag and not for chargers, etc.

Anyway, I like it and recommend this MacBook air 13 sleeve. BTW, the grey/gray color is “Classy” and to there are a couple of pockets here and there. Try it and you’ll like it.






Summary This sleeve is perfect Laptop Sleeve Case. I get so many compliments on Laptop Sleeve Case from everyone that sees it. Also, it protects my Mac Pro 2018 back from scratches and still looks brand new because I use the sleeve all time even in my laptop bag and for my meetings.

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