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Apple HomePod First Look and Unboxing AtReef

Apple’s long-awaited HomePod speakers are here and I LOVE IT. The new sound of home. Personally, I think “HomePod is a powerful speaker that sounds amazing and adapts to wherever it’s playing. It’s the ultimate music authority, bringing together Apple Music and Siri to learn your taste in music. It is also an intelligent home assistant, capable of handling everyday tasks — and controlling your smart home.

HomePod takes the listening experience to a whole new level. And that’s just the beginning.”

It’s funny to think about HomePod as a product that wasn’t with us this time last year, but Apple’s smart speaker didn’t hit the market until February 9 after missing its original December 2017 launch window. In the 10 months since HomePod debuted, the smart speaker has steadily gained new features and found new fans alike. 9to5MAC

Apple’s pitch for HomePod in June was that wireless music speakers like Sonos and smart speakers like Amazon Echo exist, but not in the same package. That’s not so much the case five months later (you can literally buy a Sonos speaker with Amazon Alexa built-in now), but HomePod will still probably be the best smart speaker for anyone deep in the Apple ecosystem.

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The bottom line for me is that I really enjoy using HomePod myself — for hours at a time every day — but I wouldn’t gift HomePod (or any other smart speaker) to a family member just yet. HomePod just isn’t that straightforward yet. […]

HomePod instead feels more like the fourth generation Apple TV. That product debuted with new capabilities like Siri control and an app platform, but took a few software updates over several months to feel closer to complete with a proper remote app and basic features like dictating text in search boxes and app folders.

HomePod has a lot of that low hanging fruit just waiting to be picked — not to mention major feature additions that could dramatically improve the experience for mainstream customers — all without requiring new hardware.

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HomePod is a powerful speaker that sounds amazing, adapts to wherever it’s playing, and together with Apple Music, gives you effortless access to one of the world’s largest music catalogs. All controlled through natural voice interaction with Siri. It takes the listening experience to a whole new level. And that’s just the beginning.