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Here’s Everything About Amazon Echo

With Amazon Echo and other Alexa devices, you can instantly play music, control your smart home, get information, weather, news, and much more using just your voice

At first hesitated to buy Amazon Echo (Alexa), since I have Apple Products. However, After browsing the reviews from other customers, I decided to give Alexa a try. Currently, I have a Bose portable speaker to play my iTunes. I decided to look for a new Bluetooth speaker, and I revisited the possibility of getting the Amazon Echo. Also, since I do almost all of my shopping with Amazon, I thought that I would give it a try.

My Echo Plus

My Echo literally just arrived. I had it set up in less than minutes with little to no effort. The app itself gives you a quick tutorial of things that Alexa can do, but it can do much more and growing every day.
The sound is very crisp and clear. There were no distortions to the sound. So, I asked Alexa a few things to practice. I Asked for the weather update, set a timer, and told Alexa to stop. This is so much more fun than a regular Bluetooth speaker.

If you are really wondering what the heck is Amazon Echo? Then GET it and find out!!! I wondered the same thing.
If you are wondering why you need this, justify it as a wonderful present to yourself!!!


So After using the Amazon echo for a bit now, I am still impressed and wowed with what Alexa can do. I am very impressed with speed and also the accuracy of customer service that Amazon provides with this device. My suggestions to you is just try it!!!!