Google Fi Plan Review: Best wireless service from Google

googe fi review
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Google Fi vs. Verizon Wireless: Which Is Right for You?

Google Fi combines a trio of networks into a first-class wireless service with unparalleled customer experience, though it’s not the cheapest option out there, and customers that bring their own phones will miss out on some perks. We all are looking for the #BestCellPhonePlan that will just work. The problem that we have is that we each have our own interpretation of “perfect.” Google Fi approach to solving this problem is simply one—yes, and one—cell phone plan that will change based on the user’s changing needs and flexibility. Project Fi is flexible, and the month-to-month plan may be just the answer for customers looking for an amazing plan that works great. #Fi has a solid national network with great reception, great international coverage, and it is easy to sign up.

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Google Fi plan gives you unlimited talk and text, and just as much data as you want every month. The price is depending on how much you use it, so huge data users may find better deals from more conventional carriers. 

Google Fi’s Key Strengths

  1. Pay only for the data you use. 
  2. Intelligent network switching (on certain devices)
  3. Free VPN service for all web traffic
  4. Seamless international service

Verizon’s Key Strengths

  1. Fastest, largest LTE network in the U.S.
  2. Greater selection of phones to choose from

Google Fi vs. Verizon: Tiered Data Plans

CarrierAmount of DataCost of DataAdditional FeesTotal Monthly Bill
Google Fi5GB$10 per gigabyte$20 for unlimited talk and text$70 (You’re credited $1 for every 100MB of unused data)
Verizon5GB$40$20 per line access fee$60 ($55 w/ autopay enrollment)

Google Fi vs. Verizon: Unlimited Plans

Google Fi$80
Bill Protection caps bill at $80 no matter how much data you use; speeds are throttled after 15GB
Verizon Go Unlimited$75
Includes $5 credit for Auto Pay enrollment; video streaming capped at 480p; Verizon reserves right to throttle speeds if a network is congested
The Verizon Beyond Unlimited$85
With $5 credit for Auto Pay enrollment; video streams at 720p; data can be slowed after 22GB; includes 15GB of LTE hotspot data
Verizon Above Unlimited$95
Includes $5 credit for Auto Pay enrollment; video streams at 720p; data can be slowed at 75GB; includes 20GB of LTE hotspot data

To me, the most significant concern that I have been it comes to phone is not only the reliability but the easiness of using the actual phone. To me the best cell phone that is out there is not the one that is the most expensive or the one that is most specked out, let’s be honest I have never pushed my phone to the max I don’t think many average consumers also push their phone to the max. Granted, if you are a gamer or a very savvy phone user, you may find yourself at the time struggling with average phones, but I think that’s only a small percentage of us.

For most of us like me, when I look at her phone, I am looking for a reliable phone that has an excellent shape, feel the texture, and, more importantly, vibrant colors, and of course, it has to run and be free of any lacks. Given all these criteria, I believe Google pixel is genuinely the best option when it comes to affordable phones. #GooglePixel not only is excellent for gaming but it also a great companion when it comes to usability.

I have to admit pixel truly takes the best photos after. When you add Google pixel to its software, which comes directly from Google itself, you genuinely get a magical experience. Let’s be honest if I had a company I would pick the best for my product not only because it’s my product but because I want to offer the best of the best to consumers knowing every aspect of my product and how it should be used. Now we have Google, which makes the excellent harbor combining that with their software all that is left is the service provider.

Google Fi vs. Verizon: How Verizon’s Prepaid Pricing Compares

Amount of DataVerizon Prepaid CostGoogle Fi Cost
$80 (will Bill Protection)
$80 (will Bill Protection)
Carrier/PlanSingle Line Cost2 Lines Cost3 Lines Cost4 Lines Cost
Google Fi$60 for 4GB ($20 line access + $40 for 4GB)$115 for 8GB ($35 line access + $80 for 8GB)$150 for 10GB ($50 line access + $100 for 10GB)$185 for 12GB total ($65 line access + $120 for 12GB)
Verizon (Go Unlimited)$75 (with AutoPay enabled)$130 (with AutoPay enabled; if all users choose Go Unlimited)$150 (with autopay enabled; if all users choose Go Unlimited)$160 (with Auto Pay enabled; if all users choose Go Unlimited)
Verizon (Beyond Unlimited)$85 (with AutoPay enabled)$160 (with AutoPay enabled; if all users choose Beyond Unlimited)$180 (with AutoPay enabled; if all users choose Beyond Unlimited)$200 (with AutoPay enabled; if all users choose Beyond Unlimited)
Verizon (Prepaid; 3GB)$35 for 3GB (with AutoPay enabled)$60 for 6GB total (with AutoPay enabled; if all users choose 3GB)$85 for 9GB total (with AutoPay enabled; if all users choose 3GB)$110 for 12GB total (with AutoPay enabled; if all users choose 3GB)