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Review and unboxing of GENKI, the Bluetooth Audio Device for Switch, I would highly recommend GENKI for anyone that wants to use Bluetooth headphones.

If you have a Bluetooth headphone or a shiny pair of Airpods the GENKI is the only device that can make it happen today.

If you can, use any wireless headphones that are Apt X LL compatible, that will give you a better experience with a reduced lag (AirPod are not compatible). For an added bonus, it will also work on your MacBook or tablet with a USB-C port or even the new iPhone.

The device is truly solid and will likely last you a long time, probably longer than your Switch itself lol. If you find yourself using Tabletop mode, definitely opt for the optional stand as well, you will need it too.

If you want to use the Bluetooth headphones in the docked mode then purchase the optional accessory dock connector with it, but keep in mind it will be a bit difficult to use a mic in that scenario.


THE GOODS, Posted by: u/mrimmutable

-Pairing is dead simple. All you have to do is hold down a button on the device, and pair it with your headphones once. After it is initially paired, it will automatically re-connect every time you plug it in, assuming it can find your headphones in range.

-Speaking of the buttons, GENKI offers a variety of color options that can match your Switch’s Joy-Cons (I chose Neon Red/Neon Blue). It is a small detail that really goes a long way IMO.

-Build Quality is excellent. The device is solid, but not heavy. It can withstand quite a bit of dropping and there is nothing that can easily break off.

-The packaging is incredible. The device comes in a custom version of a Switch game case – Room for the device, an optional mic (that fits in the aux port), an optional stand, an optional dock connector (USB-A to USB-C) and 4 switch games. You could not ask for more functional packaging – fits in perfectly with your physical game collection. And yes, the outside label is a matching red with the rest of your games. Two stickers were included, which I found unnecessary, but it’s not a big deal.

-Audio Quality is GOOD. Not stunning, but pretty good all things considering. I am not an audiophile, but in my experience the sound was comparable to regular headphones.

-There is power passthrough on the device, meaning you can charge the Switch while using bluetooth headphones. Pretty cool!

-Also if it wasn’t already obvious, the fact the device is USB-C means that you do not need to charge it. It draws power from the Switch, and as far as I can tell, the power consumption is minimal.

Review: Genki Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Nintendo Switch

One of my favorite features on other video game consoles has been the ability to stream audio from the console to some headphones instead of through your television. With the Nintendo Switch in portable mode you have the option of plugging in a 3.5mm jack headphone for audio, but when when docked the options are extremely slim. In a world of cell phones and other devices that are removing that audio jack quicker then ever, carrying around multiple headphones simply isn’t an option. Enter Genki the successful bluetooth audio adapter Kickstarter project from Human Things. It’s goal is simple, deliver great wireless audio for you and optionally a friend directly from your Nintendo Switch.
James Montemagno

To wrap things up the best part of the Genki is that it delivers on the promise of great bluetooth audio from your Nintendo Switch directly to your ears. The entry price for some may be a bit high at $40-60 based on what bundle you get, but considering all of the perks the Genki has especially in a small apartment I have to say it is a must own accessory.