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This microphone stand has been what I have been looking for. I didn’t know it until I found this one. This Gator Frameworks mic stand is advertised as a floor stand for a microphone next to a drum or something similar. But, I was looking for a stand that I could sit on my desk for use in my podcast recording and video lectures. The most common advice for setting up that type of recording is to use a boom arm. So I got one, and it did not work for me, and I was never satisfied, when it is fully extended, it was just long enough to reach my mouth (not ideally), but when it is not fully open and in use, it is very unattractive and hard to adjust. The crazy thing is that it is just impossible to find a boom arm that is attractive and functional.

The Story 💁

Even the name brand models like “Blue” that is $99.99 was just as unattractive as the one I am using. But, I did find a really attractive boom arm online, but it was over $400. I do appreciate it and how good it looks for my Neumann TLM 102. However, there is no way I would spend that kind of money on the boom arm for my setup. So as I was looking around after getting scared off by the price of that boom arm, I stumbled onto this Gator Frameworks microphone stand. It appeared to satisfy all my needs, after receiving it and setting it up in my room, I was %100 correct.

This stand sits to my left, and I can quickly bring the microphone directly where I need it to be, while not obstructing my line of site to my camera and my monitors. When it is not in use, I can very quickly move it out of the way, or if I ever decide to leave it on my desk, it is just much better looking than the boom arm. After looking at this mic stand, it makes it even more difficult as to why so many stands and boom arms are so unattractive and inadequate. This thing looks and works great! Also, it is sold for a perfect price!

Video Review

gator frameworks MIC Stand is Exactly what you want from a Microphone stand, I’ve now bought two.

Martin Whitby

Pros 👍

  • The weighted base is just plenty heavy to hold it steady at all times, even when you have it extended all the way.
  • The gator frameworks knobs are easy to adjust and turn, making it very easy to customize
  • It has an excellent integrated cable management
  • The pieces all feel very trustworthy

Product information 👌

  • Short Microphone Stand With A Compact Base
  • Max Height: 23 Inches / 584 mm
  • Includes 16″ Single Section Boom
  • Base Weighted For Balance And Stability
  • Cable Management Included.Base Type: U-shape
  • 4.5″ X 8″ Weighted Base

Soft-Grip Height Adjustment

Grab the soft-grip, ergonomic twist clutch and easily adjust the height with a simple quarter-turn. The convenient shape and texture provide the perfect grip for the active user or if you are sharing the mic with a guest.

Compact Weighted Base

The hefty, weighted base provides balance and stability to the low-profile kick drum and amp mic stand. The base includes a no-slip,vibration-reducing gasket for better sound quality.

Single Section Boom Arm

The single-section boom arm allows you to independently adjust the length and angle to the perfect position. The boom arm is equipped to fit both US and Euro mic clips.

questions & answers

What is the base made out of, and how does it do with vibration? (for use on a computer desk)

The base is powder coated and made from cast iron. It features a rubber gasket on the bottom to absorb vibration. The base is weighted so it really is intended for floor use but should be ok if used on a computer desk.

What are the dimensions of the base?

4.5 x 8″

What is the difference between the deluxe and the normal weighted base? 

Hello, The Difference is in the adjustability and the counterweight. The Deluxe version has more reach on the boom arm, as well as a heavier counterweight. 

Does the arm extend?

Yes, the boom arm does extend.

Can you mention the size of the screw?

standard industry and both sizes as I recall.