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Garmin 601
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Garmin Foretrex 601

The Garmin Foretrex 601 is one of the latest outdoor wearables from Garmin. The rugged look of the Foretrex 601 is excellent for military operations, hunting, and even scientific field work, still great for outdoor usage such as hiking and also taking your dog for a walk.

Compared to the Foretrex 401 that was the older version, the new model (601 and 701) provides some upgrades and improvements both in functionality and look, e.g.. Increased battery life up to 48 hour on a single charge (AAA battery), a USB port in the battery compartment, GPS & GLONASS & GALILEO satellite systems that help you navigate much more accurately, now with a 2″ display and a much higher resolution, that is equipt with a 3-axis compass, Bluetooth LE connectivity, and more saved tracks, …

Foretrex 601 by garmin

I have tested the Foretrex 601 on my travel and found some pros as well as cons.

What we especially like about this is the hand’s free navigation that can make your life so much easier– you can now focus on the trail ahead and the physical button for operating your device with mitts. The Garmin Foretrex 601 weights at only 101 g (3.6 oz) with strap and batteries (this is amazing). That is not featherweight at all, however in the same ballpark as the much smaller Fenix 5X at (98 g, 3.5 oz), that is another exceptional hands-free navigation device that is made by Garmin (but more expensive …).

In addition,

Another great feature is the amazing battery life, that helps you get up to 48 hours out of them. I tested the Foretrex with Eneloop batteries and found out that it can run between 21:15 hh:mm. (Power mode: with the backlight always in the on position, GPS & GLONASS, active navigation, and track recording) and the 45:30 hh:mm (energy saving mode: with the backlight off, GPS only, with no navigation, track recording). The lithium batteries or in UltraTrac mode it will last even longer time (Garmin claims it to be up to one week).

But, I found some quirks like missing features in it (e.g., waypoint averaging, or the automatic track archiving, and barometric pressure plot) or waypoint names with eight characters. read more,